10 Tips for staying cool this summer

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water smallThe sun is shining and it’s great to be outdoors but is this really hot weather ideal for exercising? Some people really struggle to be active in the heat and it is important to take measures to avoid heat stroke, dehydration and sunburn. If you take precautions, there is nothing better than an exhilarating Nordic walk on a stunning day so here are our ten top tips for staying comfy in the heat:-

1. Wear a HAT!  – A lightweight cotton hat will protect your head and keep the sun off your face – you can buy cooltex running hats and even desert caps hats with a detachable neck panel (like Lawrence of Arabia) which many endurance athletes swear by.

deuter pulse two2. Carry plenty of water and always hydrate before an after your walk – we NEVER venture out without enough water even on relatively short walks. Our favourite water carrier is the Deuter Pulse 2 hip belt and we make sure we drink every 20 minutes or so.

3. In really hot weather pack a damp neckerchief – we soak ours and pop it in the freezer for a few minutes then keep it in a bag until things hot up….bliss! You can keep it damp too as long as you carry enough water.

lip balm SPF304. Sunscreen and lip balm are vital – we carry these tiny little lip balms by Annecy in our waist belts – they last forever and really protect the lips from burning and drying out. Find them in our store HERE

5. Wear light coloured, breathable, lightweight fabrics such as cooltex which will not stick to your skin and dries really quickly. Avoid tight fitting garments and ideally breathable shoes (Goretex)

6. Choose a shady route if possible, woodland is ideal and there is nothing more beautiful than dappled sunlight coming through trees! Walking close to water is tempting too (especially if you are able to dip those hot feet in) but beware of midges who will be attracted to your sweat!02A14MAM

7.Avoid the midday heat and ideally walk in the early morning or late evening if possible. This will also help with air quality, especially in Cities.

8. Wear good quality sunglasses, apart from stopping you squinting, they are essential for protecting your eyes from UVA and UVB rays. Select ones that are designed for sports use and do not mist over as soon as you get hot!

9. If you are feeling the effects of the heat – SLOW down and drop the intensity of your walk. It’s better to have completed a slower exercise session than to have not exercised at all or to make yourself ill by over doing it!

10. If you feel at all dizzy, nauseated or notice that your skin is exceptionally  dry or you feel chilled, STOP! Get a drink immediately and if you do not feel better, get medical help. Many health issues can be compounded by exercising in very hot weather so If you have had a stroke or have a history of heart/ respiratory problems or diabetes – check with your Doctor or exercise referral practitioner whether they advise you seek alternatives until the temperatures drop a bit.

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