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Harlestone 4As the evenings and weather start closing in, it is tempting to opt for indoor activities or the comfort of your armchair but don’t let a bit of cold or the risk of getting muddy stop you from gaining a host of health benefits this winter. Our groups will be out there whatever the weather, getting mucky and smiling their way through until the Spring so don’t miss out…..pick up your poles and become a dirty stop out too!

Being outdoors is massively beneficial to your health and so is being more active. It therefore stands to reason that if you combine the two with a brisk Nordic walking session you really will reap the benefits and here’s why!

Kerley from Cheshire improvising to cope with bad weather last year!

Kerley from Cheshire improvising to cope with bad weather last year!

  • Being outdoors helps us to get exposure to vitamin D which is essential for healthy bones. (yes even in the winter!)
  • Taking time away from our screens is vital for brain health, eyes and even neck muscles. Exercising outdoors provides a variety of views to refresh the eyes in natural light and Nordic walking is proven to relieve those stiff shoulders, neck and upper back areas.
  • With so many homes and offices now being ‘energy efficient’ it’s less common to have drafts entering our buildings and some have windows that you can’t even open, so going outside and filling your lungs with fresh air can give you a real boost. Obviously the fresher the better but most Cities have green areas where you can take a deep breath and feel the energy flooding back.
  • Nothing will stop Danny from Staffordshire!

    Nothing will stop Danny from Staffordshire!

    Being close to nature is proven to have a beneficial effect on our mental health too. It relieves stress and can improve conditions like depression especially when combined with being active with a group. The University of Michigan joined with other universities to conduct a large scale study and concluded “Group walks in local natural environments may make a potentially important contribution to public health and be beneficial in helping people cope with stress and experience improved emotions.” Click here to read more

  • Here at NWUK we think that Muddy routes and windy days just add to the ‘workout value’ of every step taken so see them as a positive and don’t let them put you off.

    The NWUK fully waterproof and breathable jacket will keep you comfy in all weathers

    The NWUK fully waterproof and breathable jacket will keep you comfy in all weathers

  • Outdoor clothing these days is so technical that you can stay warm, dry and comfortable with breathable and stretchy fabrics.

And finally…………………there’s NOTHING like getting back in after being out on a wild winters walk and rewarding yourself with a hot drink and snuggle by the fire! Especially if you can also feel smug about the calories burned off and massive health benefits!

So join us and get outdoors as much as possible this winter!


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