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backpack coverCan you believe, it’s time to think about dark evenings again? With all this balmy weather about it’s easy to forget how chilly, dark and grim our evenings can be as the Autumn draws in but if you are not prepared…it can catch you out.

The nights draw in by 20 minutes each week so if you are not already, pretty soon you will be finishing your evening walks in the twilight.

Now is  the time to plan safer routes either where there is more light (Football pitches, street lights etc) or areas where headtorch walking is most suitable. i.e, not rugged woodland paths with roots and rabbit holes every few steps!

Next, it’s time to think about scheduling your tuition sessions to weekends or daytime mornings because whilst its easy to conduct a regular session or workout walk in the dim light- it is pretty impossible to teach. Not only can your clients not see you clearly enough to pick up correct points but you can’t pick up their gait and technique faults as clearly.

However there are plenty of innovations that make night time walking safer and more comfortable and it’s always a good idea to provide advice for clients and to help them get kitted out by setting up a bulk delivery or buying a few items in for re sale. Our Retail team can help you to save on postage, time and hassle with simple ideas to help you retail effectively. Here are our ‘must have’ items of Winter kit.

gabel pole lightsGABEL POLE LIGHTS

Unbelievable visibility – team these with a headtorch and high viz vest or jacket and there’s no fear of not being seen! These little lights fix onto your poles so they also light up the path ahead…genius!




Be bright be seen! Yes we know they are not ‘Nordic purple’ but these high viz items are specially designed to get you noticed! They contain reflective strips as well as being super bright. Advise your clients to tog up with them too or maybe invest in a batch just to be sure. The vests are new in and feature a mesh back to stop you from over heating if wearing over other garments. The Jackets only come in Men’s small, medium or large unfortunately but the vests come in all sizes and are so new we do not even have a picture yet!  – Male and Female and are only £19.99 – Call us to reserve or order.


Another innovation – if you wear a backpack – this is a MUST – see main image above. Such a great way to protect yourself from traffic when walking or cycling. Especially as headtorches, pole lights etc. tend to make you visible to oncoming traffic only.

headtorchand finally…………………. Headtorches – the one pictured is the ‘Cube’ but we stock a range which start from as little as £8.99 for the trendy little pink and black ‘Siju’.

We recommend a more robust model for Instructors and maybe have a few spare cheaper ones for those clients who are less well prepared.



We love headtorch walking but two things to consider are:-

  • Remember not to shine into clients faces when welcoming them or talking to them!!
  • Stretching by Headtorch light is a weird and wonderful experience – balance is affected and made worse once people start to wobble and the light goes all over the place!

So all that remains for you to do is to …………… get out there and stay safe!









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