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This is a Nordic Walking group set by the local Council in 2013 using the NWUK Freedom programme . They offer 6- 7 walks per week, a mix of FREE walks once a quarter plus a monthly package of £15 a month which provides access to Workout Walks. Currently attracting an average of 558 walkers per month. 4 Instructors and 19 volunteer leaders

The Team issue FREEDOM passports to participants as part of the wider NWUK Freedom Programme. The group has grown into a really sociable and supportive community activity run by a keen team who also organise trips and even a holiday to Sardinia (see picture below)

What Helen Sadique the project co-ordinator says

“When I was asked to do the Nordic Walking course by my Line Manager I thought why not, let’s try this ‘Walking with poles!’ After a trip to Hampstead Heath one very wet weekend in February 2013 I was hooked straight away. I couldn’t wait to get started, so the pilot ran in July and I started the community project in the September. I have never looked back I often find myself being thankful for having such a great job, being outside getting my steps in, meeting a mixture of people also enjoying the outdoors, I have made many friends as have the walkers – what more could I ask for. Thank you to Nordic Walking UK for bringing pole walking to the UK!”

Testimonials from participants

I attended a Nordic Walking Taster Session back in October 2018, followed by the NW training and I loved it!I had wanted to find a hobby / pastime that combined exercise and being out in nature, together with being social within the community where I live. 

Nordic Walking definitely ticks all these boxes! I have found Nordic Walking Bexley to be a very inclusive and friendly group, that is non-competitive and open to people of all ages and abilities.The Instructors, Helen and Jemma do a great job with keeping you motivated with the variety of Nordic Walks that are available, always encouraging you to get the best out of yourself and walk that extra step!I have recently been on a Nordic Walking holiday to Sardinia which was fabulous…I highly recommend the experience!!

Trudy Abraham

Nordic Walking has helped us improve our fitness levels and is a great aid to a weight loss plan regardless of your age. Meeting like minded people regularly who have similar goals, together with social activities creates a bond of friendship.
Our instructor Helen is the best.

Two 70+ year olds
Bexley N.W.

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