Chris Evans chats about Nordic Walking on Radio two!

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Nordic walking on Chris Evans breakfast showNWUK Instructor Hannah Dykes and her group of regular Nordic Walkers from Poole in Dorset, were interrupted on their morning Nordic Walk by no other than CHRIS EVANS who chatted to them live on Radio Two.

Hannah had been asked by NWUK to be the ‘mystery guest’ for the show which had been exploring obesity, the importance of exercise and how people sometimes injure themselves in the gym. An experienced Personal Trainer and Tutor for NWUK, Hannah was expecting the usual jokes about snow and skis from the Presenter famed for his cheek and wit.Radio two interview with Hannah

” To be honest it caught me out when he seemed fascinated, knowledgeable and really keen on the concept” she said

” Chris knows his stuff re exercise and fitness and can clearly see that Nordic Walking is gaining such popularity because it WORKS” she added.

Hannah and the ladies had brought their walk forward following a call from NWUK who had been asked to find a group likely to walking at 8.40 am when Chris chats to his mystery guest and a makeshift sign attracted local onlookers too! The sign was drawn up by Lynne Martin, one of Hannah’s group who is now an Instructor herself. She recently joined the NWUK HQ team to support our Delivery Partner Instructors and help spread the word about Nordic Walking and it’s benefits.

” I did not expect to be on radio in my second week on the job but I am loving being involved with Nordic Walking as my day job” she said.


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