Day Trippin’ – Have you got everything?

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As we approach mid summer and the days stretch on and on, there is no better time to pack up your gear and head out on one of the many walking trails a bit further afield from your local routes.  Here is our guide to all the essentials you may need to really make the most of it:

The right day pack:

It is so important to get the right pack, which is comfortable and lightweight.  Modern packs have breathable fabrics and channels that keep the pack away from your back (to stop you sweating too much) and also have a compartment for a water tube.  Remember, side pockets can impede your swing so try to avoid them and go for slimmer options. Another key feature is a waterproof cover in case your caught out by the beautiful British (or continental) weather we are having at the moment.  The new Deuter Futura 22SL ticks all the right boxes for us and our testers have all reported it was both comfy and practical .


Always take plenty of liquids, you will need them Nordic Walking as you are using a lot of muscles.  Depending on your weight, health and exercise intensity you need between 1.6-2.0 Litres a day to remain hydrated and it’s important to drink BEFORE you feel thirsty. The Deuter Streamer fits any back pack and allows you to drink on the move, without the need for bulky bottles.  You can also clean the inside of it completely – so no furry bits or risk of germs if you forget to clean it from the last outing!.



Always the last thing we Brits think about but should be top of the list.  Our Annecy range of Suncream and Lip Balm are fantastic, eco frieldly & organic, so definately an essential item to keep on hand at all times. They are also conveniently small and easy to pack but extra long lasting.


First Aid Kit:

Never ditch the first aid kit so you can fit something else into your pack, you never know what’s around the corner and you (or someone) could be glad of your assistance with a sterlile wipe and a bandage. Lets hope that’s all you ever get to use but its also good discipline to check the kit regularly and top up those little things like blister plasters and wipes.! Remember it is always a good idea to make sure you have your ICE contact (In Case of Emergency) loaded in your mobile phone or on your person should the worse happen.

Your Poles:

You know your day is going to be so much better with your Nordic Walking poles of course!!  Currently our most popular selling poles for those wanting to take their poles away with them are the Leki Traveller Carbon.  This super stiff 100% carbon telescopic pole comes with either the all terrain ‘Silent Spike’ paw, or the new ‘Smart Tip‘ paw as standard and will conviniently pack down to 52cm.  Leki also do an aluminium version with the Smart Tip.

Other essentials include:

  • A map
  • Lunch ( and snacks)
  • Compass
  • Your friends (walking in a group is always more fun)!
  • Wallet or credit card (for that vital Cake, Ice Cream and an alcoholic drink of course)
  • Camera
  • A decent set of Socks and Shoes (see our blog on looking after your feet)
  • A sense of adventure……… GO ON, GET OUT THERE!

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