Don’t over egg it!

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OK, we all love a bit of Chocolate or warm spicy hot cross buns at this time of year but like many yummy things they can play havoc with the waist line.

Our mantra at NWUK is:- enjoy everything in moderation and always make sure that you balance out the calories with plenty of activity. It helps to have a bit of knowledge about just what you are eating (or about to eat!) because if you can make yourself compare that to the amount of time it will take you to burn them off… may even think twice!!

In general a mid sized Easter Egg there are at least 800 calories – add luxury choccies and you are more likely into the 1,000 plus calorie range. Indulge in a handful of Cadburys mini eggs and you can clock up 16 calories each in no time at all!! It all mounts up and in activity terms could represent up to TWO Hours of nordic walking at a fair pace in order to avoid those treats simply becoming another notch on your belt!

Here’s our quick (non scientific) calorie calculator

Popular Easter Eggs:-

CHOCOLATE ORANGE 120g Egg = 636 calories

AERO 235g Egg = 1264.3 calories

CADBURYS CRÈME EGG 39g = 180 calories

DAIRY MILK Egg 343g = 1817.9 calories

BUTTONS 162g Egg = 858.6 calories

GREEN 7 BLACKS 70% DARK CHOC 180g Egg = 991.8 calories


Obviously accurate calorie burning calculations are based on weight and pace and there are all sorts of criteria that effect this so this is not an exact science but it does put things into perspective!


If somebody weighing approx. 11 stone Nordic walked at a very leisurely pace (about 2 mph) with average technique for ONE HOUR they would burn approx 163 calories

If they Nordic walked at the same pace but with very good technique (maximum upper body engagement) the calorie burn could increase to approx 195 calories

If they upped the pace to 3.5mph they could achieve 310 calories with average technique or even 361 with very good technique

SO…the moral of the story is….it’s fine to enjoy a treat now and then as long as you are happy to add the extra steps and miles too.


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