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book-coverWe are very excited about the publication of a clear concise guide to Nordic Walking that was published by Bloomsbury in September 2014. Not only does it provide an up to date overview of techniques, equipment and advice but it is endorsed by Nordic Walking UK and written by one of our very own experts with a lot of help from the whole team!

This book provides sensible advice about how to use Nordic Walking to get the results YOU want. It explores how to use it to gain fitness, improve your health and access the support, guidance and sheer enjoyment of walking with a group. From beginners to enthusiasts, the guide explains how to get the most from a pair of poles including get started,advanced techniques, workout drills, ski fit and even wellbeing. Find out how Nordic Walking has transformed the lives of people across the UK with case studies, testimonials and inspirational stories and read up on what to wear and how to choose the right kit.There are also sections for fitness, medical and health professionals and a simple guide to the latest research available.

Comprehensive, yet simple to use and aimed at those who want to fully understand the potential of the most versatile and enjoyable way to exercise outdoors! Buy your copy today and know all there is to know about Nordic Walking – click HERE for more details

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