Farewell Miss Moneypenny

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Laura Jones aka Miss Moneypenny!

It’s the end of an era at NWUK HQ – our first ever admin employee Laura Jones has left the fold to pursue her long held dream to launch her own cake decorating business. We’re delighted to say she is still very much involved with NWUK as she is now a fully qualified Instructor and has turned the tables to become a NWUK programme delivery partner with her own Nordic Walking group rather than support all the others!Laura will be sorely missed and we have had loads of mesaages wishing her well & thanking her for her help from Instructors’ she has supported so capably since 2009 when she first joined us. She promises she will be at the conference and looks forward to being on the other side of the event rather than rushing around, exhausted!

Those of you who have spoken to or visited the office in the past couple of weeks may

Lisa Borromeo – Instructor support at NWUK

have already had the pleasure of meeting her replacement, Lisa, who is getting to grips with the Instructor support role and keen to get to know as many of you as possible. Lisa. pictured has an extensive background in the health club sector and wants to ensure our delivery partners make the most of the tools, training and materials we supply to them.

So, the whole team at NWUK thank Laura for all of her hard work and dedication and would like to welcome Lisa on board!

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