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It is well known that you can use a Nordic Walking pole for Trekking, but NOT the other way round.  The reason is simple – you need the specific hand strap to perform the technique correctly and Trekking poles do not come with this.  However, The ‘clever chaps’ at Gabel have come up with a great solution which comes with attachments for both – the Fusion.

The Fusion is an Aluminium pole, made slightly thicker to withstand the direct downward pressure (when used in the upright trekking motion).  It is conveniently telescopic to fit in a suitcase for your travels and comes with the Gabel standard NCS (Nordic Click System) strap.  It also features the ergonomic handle, that many of our instructors find very comfortable.




It also comes with:

  • NCS Straps & Trekking loops
  • Roadster paws & Trekking paws
  • Race & Snow Baskets
The Fusion is currently on offer at only £49.50, and offers fantastic value for a ‘one pole does it all’.  It is not as stiff as a carbon pole and is a few grams heavier too, but for us it really is a great purchase for those who need a pole to perform across a wide range of terrain.

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