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Nordic_Walking_photoshoot-343 lagle and jonny 6Nordic Walking is the perfect way to exercise outdoors and it has been growing rapidly in the UK in recent years. The activity, which is based on using poles when walking and mirrors the action of cross country skiing, is comparable to being on a cross training machine in the gym However, it can be done by anyone, anywhere and has the additional benefit of being outdoors. Unlike ‘trekking’ the poles are planted at an angle which allows the walker to literally propel themselves forward taking the weight of the feet and lower body joints. It also engages the upper body as well as the legs meaning that over 90% of the skeletal muscles are used with every step! Using the poles correctly will improve posture within weeks and can burn between 20 – 40% more calories than walking without them. Groups are enjoying sociable, effective workout and adventure walks right across Britain and Nordic Walking UK (who have already trained over 3,000 Instructors) say there is a need for more Instructors and groups in all areas. ” Our website hits are going through the roof”, says Gill Stewart programme Director at Nordic Walking UK. “Our Instructors operate independently, from leisure centres, GP surgeries and even some hospitals and some have over 100 regular walkers now but there are still huge areas where people can not yet locate a suitable group” “We are looking for people who love to be active, care about others and want to make a difference” she adds.

Whilst Nordic Walking UK do require all Instructors to attain a minimum level 2 fitness qualification, there is NO pre requisite to the training because they want to support the right people by providing quality training. Gill explains ” 50% of those we train are already fitness professionals but the rest are looking for a career change or new venture, and we are happy to help them get started. We specialise in providing exercise that appeals to the masses and is delivered by people they can relate to and we are seeking people to help us spread the word.”training pic 2

If you think you would like to offer sociable relaxed outdoor fitness sessions with the help of the experienced team at Nordic Walking UK, they are holding an Instructor training course 12/13 July at CLIFTON LEISURE CENTRE. Nottingham and a variety of dates other venues right across the UK. CIMG2103Those with fitness backgrounds would be required to attend the two day practical course which covers Nordic walking technique, class & route planning, outdoor health and safety, equipment knowledge and effective group management. Those from other backgrounds can study the principles of fitness ( and anatomy/physiology ) on line and will be required to take an assessment once all elements are completed. Nordic Walking UK provide a designated training support manager and also have a business support team who can provide everything from marketing tool kits to personalised websites which work for independent instructors and community groups. If you think you would like to join this network of motivated outdoor fitness professionals – call Kaye on 01392 956856 or visit for more information.

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