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Have you considered the possibility of being a Nordic Walking Instructor in the past?

Are you a current Instructor ready for the next step?

Do you fancy a new career in Outdoor Fitness?


This might be the opportunity you have been waiting for.

In 2018 we will be concentrating on areas of the UK where it is not easy to find a NWUK class or gain your FREEDOM passport and we are looking for the right people to represent us. If you are a Team player who cares about other people and have the energy and enthusiasm to make things happen …WE WANT TO TALK TO YOU!

Our unique EXERCISE ANYWHERE DIPLOMA is NOT just another training course – it’s a business in a box and we can help you to launch a programme that works for you. Be part of the fastest growing Health Club in the UK and join other NWUK Instructors, to benefit from support, workshops and proven programmes plus a huge amount of PR from an experienced, motivated HQ Team

Call us to discuss how we can help you to develop a satisfying career which will keep you fit and help others to achieve their goals too.

We offer two packages depending on your ambition and lifestyle. Both will enable you to be part of our National network and deliver our award-winning FREEDOM programme. Click here to find out more about the programme.



    Ideal for somebody who wants to develop a part time programme with less focus on business or growth (or to support an existing Instructor). Typically our Brand Ambassadors are those who want to deliver a couple of classes a week or possibly integrate NW into a current wellbeing or fitness business. NWUK offer constant support and everything needed to set up classes, promote them and take bookings plus FREEDOM passports and a host of benefits for clients.


Our delivery partner Instructors are more focused on building a comprehensive programme that can be a full time job or generate significant income. They work with NWUK to build a ‘club’ that will often include a range of class levels such as wellbeing, ski fit and even eating plans. They will manage a much wider programme with the use of walk leaders and will typically offer several sessions a week for all levels. To help them launch and grow quickly, we offer a more comprehensive training and support package which includes business, sales and marketing training, an on line marketing tool kit and optional personalised website. As we appreciate the pressures of setting up a new venture, we spread the cost of this additional support into 12 monthly payments. This enables our Delivery partners to be generating income immediately and to spread the cost of setting up over their first year in business rather than before the start!.

We are seeking TEAM PLAYERS who want to make a difference and have the drive and enthusiasm to make things happen! Apply now for more information. Still not convinced – Come to meet us at our HQ in Dorset or call us to book into one of our regular REGIONAL DISCOVERY DAYS in 2018. E mail or call 0333 1234 540


Can I train to be an NWUK Instructor and deliver outside the FREEDOM programme?

NO – Since 2014 it has been a mandatory part of the NWUK training process to be able to deliver the licensed FREEDOM programme, issue Passports and ensure that participants enjoy the full benefits of the Exercise Anywhere booking portal. We are committed to our vision and can prove that those who deliver with our support and methods are building brilliant programmes and retaining their customers whilst those who ‘go it alone’ fall into all the pitfalls we have worked hard to overcome for you!

Can I set up anywhere?

YES although, If we have a successful Delivery Partner in an area, we would ensure you aim to work in partnership with them to enhance the range of sessions in the Area before advising you to train. Otherwise, If we believe you have the right vision and have something to offer in an area where there is demand for our programmes ………. we are there to support you!

Are there any ongoing costs?

In year one a Delivery Partner will pay a monthly support fee to gain the additional tools and knowledge whilst a Brand Ambassador pays an annual fee of £125 in order to remain live on the NWUK website and have access to updates and support. (This is included in the initial course fee for year one) Costs of ongoing support, live listing, PR, financial reports, and access to the tools and systems are covered by a small percentage of all income taken in order to ensure support fees accurately reflect the level of delivery that suits the individual. This percentage is lower for Delivery Partners as they are committed to building larger programmes.

Is NWUK a Franchise?

NO – we operate a licensed model in that we provide you with a very detailed model of delivery with all the materials and tools required to be successful. The material is far more than a simple Instructor training course would provide and we are dedicated to ensuring the experience of the Public attending our groups have access to a programme that is inspirational and standardised across the UK. We are proud of the model which has taken a combined 60 years of Industry experience to put together and our successful delivery Partners are proof that it works and is fair. The success of our programme is that we work tirelessly to ensure our Instructors succeed and they in turn represent the Brand in their area, deliver our quality programmes and benefit form our National promotion.

I am an Instructor but do not deliver the FREEDOM programme yet – can I upgrade to deliver it?

Absolutely! All you need to do is come on the FREEDOM programme training day or the DIPLOMA and want to be a Team Player! We want to help you to become part of our exciting concept.


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