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NWUK-Conference-2014-81Introduction into Basic Navigation Techniques (Personal Development)

This unique course is aimed at Nordic Walkers and will make you feel that, whatever the weather and even if your sat nav  dies… WILL be able to find out where you are and how to get home!

Who is it for?NWUK-Conference-2014-80

  • Anybody who wants to get a better understanding of navigation using a map & compass
  • For use when planning your walks for your groups
  • Personal use for venturing into the hills & mountains
  • Those who want to start running or Trail/Nordic walking in the mountains

What are the benefits?

  • Understanding how to use a map & compass in order to navigate a chosen route, outside of towns & parks and specifically in wilder terrain.
  • Grow your confidence to take yourself and other people further afield, but with-in your qualification’s perimeter’s
  • Use this course to help you gain your further Walking Leader Qualification for more rugged terrain (It will set you on the right track, giving you a good understanding of navigation but not give you the course work or qualification)
  • Increase your earning potential or enjoyment by being able to plan breathtaking routes and weekend breakscharlie and map conference 2014

What will I learn?

  • How to read a map, understand contours & features
  • How to use a compass in conjunction with your map
  • How to orientate your map
  • How to set a bearing
  • How to plan a route
  • Some safe navigational techniques
  • Identify hazards

Level and entry requirements

This is an entry-level course into navigation for personal development. No qualifications are needed in order to participate on this 1 day course.

You will leave the course with the confidence to plan a route and be able to navigate in poor conditions, using paths, tracks and roads. This will count as day 1 to gaining your bronze award.


£69 for qualified level 2 CYQ NW Instructors

£110 for non-qualified participants ( Members price £90) See Membership info


Two day Navigation including BRONZE award

Day 2 will expand your knowledge and practical skills plus allow you to gain a bronze award (assuming you demonstrate the correct amount of understanding and practical application) and start to help you develop some further skills to carry into a Silver Award at a later date.

COST  to book on the weekend for a 2 day course then the cost will be: 

£125 for qualified level 2 CYQ NW Instructors

£175 for non-qualified participants ( Members price £150 – see Membership info )

 Any learners who have already completed the first day can attend day two to gain the certificate but it would be necessary to arrive early for a refresher session – call us for more info. (Cost as day one above)


Helvellyn YHA, Greenside, Glenridding, CA11 0QR.

BOOK YOUR PLACE NOW  – call 0333 1234 540 or e mail


map readingI had a great day with Charlie Sproson yesterday. It was great fun, extremely informative & very very well presented (even my tiny brain coped with it) He is a great instructor, hugely reassuring, complimentary & encouraging all at the same time.  The course is well worth attending for all levels.

It was held in a fabulously remote in a beautiful valley below Scarfel. From here we could access untouched moorland & really use the terrain and maps to their full potential. We soon learned to spot the smallest detail on the various maps that he employed (ie Harveys et al.)

We even used a tiny little ‘u’ shape on the map & matched it to a small boulder that was poking out of the vast hillside in front of us to help pinpoint where we were positioned.  Following this we used a very slight shoulder in the terrain beneath our feet (only about 30ft long) to help us pinpoint a much bigger shoulder further up the dale. It was fascinating.

We were given copies of everything that we had covered & numerous web sites to look into regarding the plethora of questions that we fired at him.

I haven’t stopped pawing over maps & compass’ since!  In fact I became so intrigued by the whole subject that I ended up reading into sun dials & the magnetic effects of the poles! Crazy or what!

Thank you very much, it has to be the most informative & enjoyable training that I have been lucky enough to participate in through NWUK.”

Gilly Payne – NWUK Instructor

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