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Stormtech Womens Outer Shell Jacket xb-2w_nightshadow_rhododendNordic Walking UK now have a full range of stylish yet technical outdoor clothing that will ensure that Instructors and Nordic Walkers will ALWAYS be dry and comfortable…. whatever the weather throws at them!

From fully waterproof, breathable shell jackets ( as shown) to lighter softshells and packable fleece tops, this FULLY BRANDED NWUK range from Stormtech is designed to make sure you have exactly what you need for every walk.

The Ladies range comes predominantly in our lovely Nightshadow colour whilst the men’s clothing is either blue or black. All items come with both chest branding and our logo set on the base of the item (underneath where a backpack might be.) See belowrear base logo on nightshadow.

All items come in all sizes and Instructors will get the usual discounted rates and can either recommend to clients or order for them as per usual retail systems.

Feedback so far has been really encouraging with the shell jackets gaining rave reviews. One Instructor told us

“This hood is the only one I have EVER actually been happy to wear! It fits perfectly and does not obstruct my view or make me feel claustrophobic! It is removable but I prefer to leave it on because the rain never seems too far away when you are outside as much as I am!”Stormtech Mens Shell Jacket xb-2m_black_methylblue

Ideal for men and Women who like to be outdoors but like to stay dry, comfortable and  stylish! Take a look at the range and step outside fully kitted, branded and ready to go!

Click HERE to see the range

(Instructors must log in to the website to see the discounted prices or call 0333 1234 540 if not yet listed on the website due to assessment!)



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