NEW Safety 24 medical alert bands.

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  • Its not only those with health issues such as allergies, diabetes or epilepsy that need to carry something that could alert the Emergency services about medication, next of kin and the name of GP. Swift access to this information enables them to make instant decisions about treatment and can be a valuable tool for all concerned in the event of an accident or fall.

Now there is a simple scheme that enables you to pop all that private information into a secure database that can ONLY be accessed by the Emergency services should anything happen to you. So, whether you walk with a group or out alone, it’s a great way to be sure that vital information can be accessed without delay.

Here’s how it works:-

You purchase a SAFETY 24 wristband which comes with a unique ID number on – you register on line and add details about your health, medication etc. This is stored on a secure server which is managed by Safety 24. In the unlikely event of an accident the band carries a 24 hour security phone number where a team of incident response professionals will manage the situation and provide information of medication, allergies etc ONLY to the relevent agencies. The team will also notify your next of kin and liaise between them and the Emergency services until you are reunited.

The simple little peace of mind is only £7.50 and can be ordered on line here or by calling 0845 260 9339

Why not give one as a gift to someone you know this Christmas?

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