New Smoveys in Town!

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Introducing the NEW Pink and Transparent Smoveys!

Since the weird and wonderful Green Smoveys hit our shores, more and more of our instructors are using them to great effect.  Originally developed for people suffering with Parkinson’s disease, the ‘Vibroswing’ has been helping people feel energised and get the blood pumping with great results.

Our Wellbeing programme uses the Smoveys and many of our delivery partners now offer dedicated classes and walks across the UK working with more elderly and specialist clients, helping them gently back into exercise and health.

Now we have developed a Smovey training day dedicated to learning the ‘Smoves’ in a fun, sociable and energetic session that you can teach your clients.  The first workshop with Smovey Tutor Tanya Adolpho will be held at NWUK Headquarters on the 31st March.  The workshop is open to all – please contact or call 0845 260 9339 to book on.

The Pink and Transparent Smovey’s perform exactly the same but will add some great colours to your classes (you can also demonstrate how they work with the clear casing).  Prices are available in the NWUK online store with discounts to instructors.

Why not try some ‘Smoves’ on your next walk? Smovey Moves

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