Nordic Walking and my MS – Anna’s story

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Exerstrider hand grips

Exerstrider hand grips

At NWUK we get a lot of calls from people who want to praise our Instructors and tell us how NW has made a difference for them personally. Anna who now lives in Italy called us because she wanted to ask us to get this message out to MS sufferers and other people who may use a single walking pole:-

She has had MS for 30 years and is now in her 60s – prior to discovering EXERSTRIDER poles via her NWUK Instructor she was mainly wheelchair bound and could only walk with the aid of a stick. She describes this as shuffling like an old lady, hunched up and not in control.

The immediate effect of simply using two poles was a surprise in itself but Anna also describes the feeling of being upright again (thanks to the unique EXERSTRIDER handles) and also how this affected her breathing and balance. She soon began spending more and more time on her feet because she actually enjoyed the feeling of empowerment and the fact that she was exercising rather than using poles because she was ‘disabled’.

Now (18 months later) she walks everywhere and has not only improved her general health but apparently amazed her Consultant who expected her to be predominantly wheelchair bound on her last visit. Anna also told us how delighted she was to have gained a waist which she says is the “best its ever been” but the key reason for her call was to ask us to pass on this message:-

” As an MS sufferer I have no feeling in my feet so I used feel I had no contact with the ground which was an awful feeling that affected confidence and balance. Apart from all the other benefits gained from using my two EXERSTRIDER poles I have noticed that I am feeling the ground via the poles and it helps me to appreciate the gradient and surface plus feel connected as I step forward. It is by far the most significant benefit of using the poles for me and I feel that this point has not been promoted or explored enough. I don’t want to be interviewed or photographed but I just want this message to get out there”.

EXERSTRIDER poles have specific handles that help the user to adopt an upright pose and balance effectively. NWUK Instructors who deliver the Wellbeing programme are trained to incorporate the EXERSTRIDER stability for mobility method into their programmes. See  EXERSTRIDER POLES

Anna is happy to verify this testimonial if required.

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