Nordic Walking is like brushing your teeth!

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lagle johnny trainOK, you may think the long hot Summer has gone to our heads at NWUK HQ but actually we really do believe that Nordic Walking (or any exercise in fact) should become a simple daily habit that is as important as brushing your teeth!

The simple fact is that our Bodies were designed to move and in fact NEED to keep moving in order to stay healthy. Just as we all try to eat our 5 a day, we should all view exercise as something we need to do in order to function well rather than as a chore that is necessary if we want to LOOK good.

So, although we all love to go on holiday to rest and recharge, we should avoid the temptation to totally VEG OUT!220px-Couple_in_Hammock


Because like any good engine, lack of use causes us to seize up, run less efficiently and find it hard to get started again!

Regular whole body exercise like Nordic walking will help you to keep you in shape but it also provides other far reaching benefits such as:-

  • Keeping joints supple and muscles in good condition
  • Reducing the risk of serious illness including heart disease, cancer and diabetes
  • Improving sleep patterns and increasing energy levels

So, why do so many people stop their exercise routine during the holiday period? Studios close down,Pilates & Yoga courses finish for 6 weeks and there is a general air that because people are likely to be taking a holiday or that the kids are off school….nobody will want to exercise!

Granted people are likely to be away for a couple of weeks during holiday season but not all at once and not for the whole six weeks!. So although a few regular faces will be missing, we try to keep our groups active throughout the holiday season and we also try to encourage Nordic walkers to stay active while away.

We’re not saying you must go on a really active holiday, simply pack a pair of telescopic Nordic walking poles and fit a 20 minute whole body blast into your daily routine. We guarantee you will come home feeling more refreshed and more energised than if you give in the temptation and head for the hammock!

452_large fusionThe added bonus is that you will not return to your normal routine in September feeling like you have lost all the benefits of the regular exercise you took leading up to your holiday. There’s nothing as demoralising as having to start over – so take our advice and make Nordic walking a daily habit.

After all, you would not think of not packing your toothbrush would you?

To find lightweight telescopic poles click HERE

Check out our Facebook page holiday snaps and see just how many Nordic walkers do take their poles away with them


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