Nordic Walking – The solution to sticking to that resolution

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Whether you have decided that 2012 is the year you take control and step up your activity levels or you are already active and want to set yourself some fitness goals – Nordic Walking is the answer. Read on to find out why.

If you started 2012 feeling sluggish and lethargic, you may have decided to make some lifestyle changes which include diet and exercise. If you are not regularly active or simply do not enjoy exercise or ‘sport’ this can be pretty daunting and although adverts and health centres will be bombarding you with tips and offers, you still have to take that first step and get started. We know just how many New Year resolutions end up as unused home equipment, expensive club memberships and disappointment in February and we also know that Nordic Walking is the simple answer.

Why? Because there are four simple questions you need to ask yourself before embarking on any regime or activity programme

  1. Will it be fun?
  2. Will it be affordable?
  3. Will I get results within weeks?
  4. Am I seriously going to be able to continue it despite my lifestyle (job, family etc.)?

At NWUK we know the answer is YES to all of these and here’s why:

  1. FUN?…… absolutely! –  Our Instructors might take your fitness and health seriously but their approach will be far from that! Check out our Facebook page or read the testimonials on the blog to see the variety of fun, inspirational sessions they provide. The focus is on providing safe activity at a level that’s right for you and making sure you are comfortable and have a smile on your face. No nagging just friendly support and no pressure. Add to that the chance to mix with other people who, like you, simply want to be active and enjoy the great outdoors.
  2. AFFORDABLE?……..without a doubt! – Once you have learned the technique you can take part in regular, supervised sessions with NWUK Instructors and groups across the UK. Some community projects do offer FREE walks but most groups/Instructors will ask for either a fee per session, a course of sessions or even a simple monthly membership fee. Usually the cheapest option is to buy a block of sessions or to pay monthly in order to attend either unlimited or a set number of sessions. Prices vary across the UK but start at about £2.00 per adventure walk (led by qualified leaders) and more for workout walks led by qualified Instructors who can make sure you are getting results and are always progressing at the correct level.  Nordic walking poles can be purchased from as little as £24.95 and many Instructors are part of the NWUK Competence card scheme that provides a discount on that!
  3. RESULTS? ………definitely! – Read some of the My Nordic Walking stories on our blog and watch this space regularly to see how people are improving their health, waistlines, fitness levels, quality of sleep and even mood. We also have more specific examples of how people are conquering Obesity, Diabetes, High blood pressure, Parkinson’s disease and other health concerns through simple, supervised and enjoyable sessions.
  4. LIFESTYLE?……. of course! – Anyone can fit a Nordic Walk into their day because it can be done ANYWHERE. Think of Nordic Walking as having a cross training machine that you can use anywhere at any time.  Alone or with colleagues/family you can turn a walk into a workout which will use all those major muscles at once and burn up more calories. A pair of poles takes up no space at all but can provide an exercise session that is so effective that even 20 – 30 minutes will provide huge benefits. There’s also no need for too much in the way of special kit or equipment…just a good pair of walking shoes or trainers and clothing suitable for the weather.

So, if you are already falling back into the pre resolution bad habits or have let your Nordic walking slide a bit, it’s time to pick up a pair of poles and join the NEW YEAR REVOLUTION!

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