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wellbeing montageThis concept was developed to ensure that those who may struggle to keep up with others on even the most gentle nordic walks can enjoy an outdoor exercise class that combines pole walking with balance, flexibility and vital upper body strength work  The course includes joint mobility exercises, relaxation via breathing drills and builds up gradually to improve fitness in a functional way. The strap line is:-


Resistance bands attach to poles for strength drills

Class perform balance drills

Instructors who deliver this concept are trained to combine gentle pole walking with balance drills, resistance bands and smoveys to ensure there are no barriers to taking part and that each participant works according to their own level of mobility and fitness. There is no fear of being left behind, only a friendly exercise class that will overcome any weaker areas and build participants up towards walking more in the future. It’s ideal for Senior walkers or those who have been inactive due to poor health but do NOT have specific conditions that require referral by a GP. The programme is designed to enable NWUK Instructors to help those who may lack confidence but want to get their bodies moving!

Exerstrider method pole walking and strapless poles

Instructors typically use the EXERSTRIDER poles and techniques for these classes as these strapless poles are recommended for those who want effective fitness walking and poles that are both simple to use and adjust.

The NWUK Wellbeing programme is being used successfully by community projects and care homes across the UK and can be delivered with minimal equipment & cost.

Instructors who deliver the programme can be identified by the wellbeing icon
on the search page of the NWUK website* (if they choose to display it.)


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