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We have all seen the jogger who is struggling to keep going and clearly not fit enough for what they are attempting to do. Their lack of fitness and often, extra weight, are actually impacting massively on whether they are going to get the results they want and the likelihood is that injury will put a stop to their new regime before it’s had a chance to provide any benefits.

Jogging is seen by many as a quick way to shed weight and get fit but in reality, if issues with poor gait and lack of conditioning are left unchecked, it often puts people of exercise for life! Walk to Run allows the nordic walking Instructor to use their skills to gently encourage clients to build their fitness and correct any gait issues BEFORE trying to break into a run.

Its a brilliant way to add progression for current nordic walkers and  a safe way to help people who think running is the answer (although in our experience, they will usually soon agree that nordic walking actually provides just as many benefits and is a lot more fun!)

Come along to this workshop and learn how to use nordic walking poles to teach people to run safely with style!

Course content:-

  • The aim of this course is to condition the joints and muscles so that when running unaided takes place the fatigue has been gradually introduced so that delayed muscle soreness is limited and therefore not creating further strain.
  • The walk to run program is designed for those who want to get into running but appreciate that they are doing so from a de-conditioned state. There are also ways to develop the actions to increase overload as you become fitter.
  • There is a focus on impact technology designed to support runners with mechanically issues.  The physics of running suggest that stress is 7 times that of landing force on the push off phase (Professor  Nig, UCL @ Excel 2010).
  • The walk to run program can  improve natural posture by improving balance and a better understanding of the mechanics of movement and running.

COST     £125   (£99 for delivery partners)

DATES  10th  December                    Milton Keynes


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