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lagle uphillFor maximum results when Nordic Walking it’s a good idea to perform a quick technique check every now and then because it’s easy to ease back when chatting or admiring the view!! The great thing about joining a group is that the Instructor is on hand to take you to task every now and then but you can check your own technique too…………..

Here’s a simple little test that can be done pretty much anywhere but is EVEN more effective when performed on a slight uphill climb.

All you need to do is to Nordic Walk at optimum pace and focus on a tree, lamppost or park bench etc in the near distance. Keep Nordic Walking as you approach this marker but as you pass it LIFT YOUR POLES whilst keeping the legs moving at exactly the same pace. If you have been using your poles correctly, you should feel a marked deceleration in speed and your legs should feel heavy.

If you perform this check and you only notice a slight difference, it’s time to pop back to your Instructor to re visit how your upper body is being used. Chances are, you are using mainly arm power and not engaging the larger muscles which means you are not getting that all important power through the poles.

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