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Cooltex T-Shirt ReverseAs the weather warms up, its time to shed a layer or two and look at ways to stay fresh and comfortable when out Nordic Walking.

Its tempting to opt for vest tops and shorts but do take a minute to check that the garments you select are not going to cause rubbing or not protect bare skin from backpack straps.

Our advice is to go for comfort from the base layer upwards so start with a breathable base layer (and for Ladies a soft but supporting sports bra – see our X Bionic range in the store) that will wick moisture away from the skin and not stick to you.

deuter pulse twoSome people find wearing a backpack itself can cause discomfort in hotter weather and as you don’t need to carry so much when the sun shines –  a smaller waist pack is a good idea. They fit snugly on the hips and can accommodate the essentials like keys, phone and water. The design also ensures that they do not bounce or impede the swing of your poles. So, keep your back free and fresh this Summer!

Gabel Lady short fingered glovesGloves might be the last thing on your mind at this time of the year but these short fingered ones are made for Nordic Walking in hotter weather and they will protect hands from developing hard patches. They fit snugly in all makes of pole straps and have a cool mesh back panel that compliments the padding in all the right areas.

Last year we sold out within weeks so order today while stocks last – only £19.50 click here for more info

Four important items that no outdoor enthusiast should never leave home without at this time of the year are:-

1. Sunblock – Especially important for the lips and face but use a lightweight spray on any exposed areas if you are venturing out in even hazy sunshine.

2. NWUK cooltex T-Shirt and CapHat – Protect your head, face and eyes with a lightweight breathable cap that will shield the face but actually keep your head cool. Our Cool tech cap is designed for activity and it looks lovely too in our signature purple!

3. WATER – whether you carry a bottle or use a fancy backpack with a hydration tube – we really do advise you to not venture out without making sure you have access to clean fresh water and don’t wait until you feel thirsty but top up regularly as you go along!

4. Finally, remember those sunglasses because its much nicer to see the scenery without squinting and better for your eyes too!

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