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Walking poles are increasingly being used for rehabilitation and the latest research proves that it can positively impact on a number of conditions. In this workshop Nicola Parsons will provide an overview of current research on walking & pole walking and how projects can use it to increase participation, gain the respect of the medical profession and attract funding. Nicola will be joined by two highly respected researchers who will present their own findings.

Jo Fields, Ladybird Unit Poole Hospital will provide a systematic review of current research of the use of NW for musculoskeletal conditions. Jo is currently studying for a PHD at the University of Southampton and as part of this has started collecting data on the effect of nordic walking on joint pain resulting from cancer treatments.
In this session she will share an outline of the research data she has collected as part of this process and provide an objective overview of the studies relating to musculoskeletal pain.

Claire Oakley MSc, MCSP Physiotherapy Manager and Clare Spafford, MCSP Research Physiotherapist  from Steps Physiotherapy and Circulation clinic, Sheffield will presnt their research on the use of Nordic walking for patients with Intermittent Claudication.

The session will explore how Nordic Walking could enable patients with very poor circulation in their legs, to walk further with less pain. The session will start by discussing intermittent claudication and the general health picture of these patients. They will demonstrate using a Doppler to take a very accurate blood pressure reading and will discuss the previous study.  They will also introduce their current research and discuss what the findings are so far.

Nicola Parsons will then lead a question and answer session.

Places on this workshop are already filling fast so BOOK TODAY to make sure you are fully armed with the FACTS.

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