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Smoveys – tone, energise and increase range of movement

Whether you are a regular Nordic walker and very active or somebody who is interested but not yet ventured out with some poles the SMOVEY is the must have exercise tool of 2012. Just 10 – 20 minutes a day will give you NOTICEABLE results.

The Smovey is not simply a weight that you swing as you walk – this clever little device contains steel balls that move when you do and this has THREE amazing effects. First it increases your range of movement and secondly it provides resistance which makes the smovey feel heavier at some points as you swing it – and if that’s not enough….the smovey also VIBRATES with every swing which increases the toning and energising effects.

The smovey is suitable for use indoors and out and there are 10 basic moves which are guaranteed to work the whole body. Smoveys are a huge hit right across Europe and as you can see from this clip they can be used by people of any age, anywhere!

New to the UK Smoveys are only available from our store …………Here are a couple of tips on how to use them to get impressive results

1. Fitness walking – Great for those new looking to start Nordic Walking – simply add the Smoveys to a regular walk to introduce upper body work, increase calorie burn and tone the arms. You can even stop and introduce some of the basic SMOVES which we have highlighted below in order to work the whole body.

Follow the basic ‘SMOVES’ and get a full body energising workout

2. 10 – 15 minute daily ‘SMOVING’ – this simple workout plan will leave you feeling more mobile and full of energy. Its ideal for all fitness levels and a great way to prepare for a nordic walk!

It’s easy to fit a Smovey session into your day and you will be amazed how the vibration, caused as the device moves, massages the palm area of your hand to provide additional benefits based on the principles of chinese medicine. The neuro receptors are stimulated which is where the energising effects come in – we were sceptical about this but trust us…when we are feeling sluggish at NWUK HQ, the Smoveys come out for 5 mins and we can’t beleive how good they make you feel!



Parallel swing end of movement

Swing parallel and evenly forward and backwards from the shoulders.Go on tiptoe on the forward swing.


Remember to keep body position upright and your knees slightly bent or ‘soft’

Horizontal start







Swing the arms horizontally back as far as possible at shoulder height & bring the arms together in front of the body.The more the arms are extended the more intensity.

TIP Stabilise the upper body and make sure swings are not sudden or jerky.

Natural swings – ideal for walking


Swing forward and backward alternatively with the right and left arms.Slightly lift right or left legoff the ground for a few swings.


Concentrate on standing securely to maintain balance.




Rotation with smovey



Place smoveys across the upper chest and hold with arms lightly crossed. Gently rotate your upper body by bringing the right/left shoulder back.


Guide the movements by looking over both shoulders.




Crossover start position


Crossover start position. Swing the arms so that they cross alternately in front of the body (without touching).


TIP Slightly lean your extended upper body forward and keep your knees nice and ‘softly’ bent.



Lateral parallel swing start position



Swing the arms alternately to the right or left side at the same time. Swing both arms to the left side as you step with the right leg at the same time – and reversed.


Stay loose in the shoulders but open up the chest.


Alternate leg step swings




Step one leg back and lower the buttocks so the rear knee is slightly off the ground and the front knee does NOT move forward past the tip of the toes – perform even parallel swings – and change legs. From the same leg stance swing with alternating arms.


Keep upper body upright and stay nice and ‘soft’ at the knees.


Crosswise smovey start position

Swing the right arm back and forth beside the body while simultaneously swinging the left arm horizontally forward and laterally at shoulder height – and reverse. Its best to start both swings with Smoveys in front of the body but not touching. Swing the arms opposite each other so that either the right or left arm is in the front.

TIP Start with small correctly done swings & increase to larger swings.



Many NWUK Instructors do offer smovey sessions too so look out for those with the Wellbeing icon on their listing in the FIND A CLASS search pages.

To order your smoveys which come complete with a CD – call 0333 1234 540  or visit the WEBSTORE today.

If you would like t find out more about their use with PARKINSON’S DISEASE or would like to become a SMOVEY HEALTH coach contain us TODAY



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