Spring Nordic Walking kit essentials

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Now it’s warming up, we can think about removing a layer or two but it’s a good idea to think beyond clothing in order to stay comfy as the seasons change

Footwear is equally important and whilst we want our feet to stay dry, bulky winter walking shoes can feel hot and heavy so at NWUK we love a lightweight flexible shoe like the GRUBS Discover shoe we recently trialled with spectacular results. They are really lightweight and help with the Nordic technique foot roll too.

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Now is also the time to look at reducing the size of what we are carrying. We are less likely to need a hot drink or thick extra layer so check out thin backpacks that do not restrict the arm swing and allow air to flow through the back. If staying cool is a priority, why not opt for a waist belt? If you just want to carry a drink, phone, keys, thin upper layer and emergency snack so the Deuter waist pack range are ideal.


Finally, don’t forget those absolute Walking kit essentials – WATER is a must and so is SUNSCREEN but we also think there are a few other things that everybody should pop into their NW kit bag

Ticks and insects are now waking up and ready to bite so we love these pocket sized ‘Smidge’ sprays. We always pack them with a tick card just to be sure and add a lightweight foil blanket and squeezy emergency food gel like the amazing mountain fuel just in case we are out longer than planned or anything unexpected happens en route.

Check out our Spring essentials section of the web store to find lightweight hats and other useful kit ideas

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