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Now is the time to make sure you have all you need to keep safe and make the most of those chilly wintery walks!
We asked our NWUK Instructors to share their tips for happy Winter walking …..

1. Jason Feavers an Instructor who runs classes in York – Cold hands can really spoil a lovely winter walk and thick woolly gloves can cause problems with grip and technique – so why not invest in some specially designed Nordic Walking Gloves BEFORE it gets too cold. If you use poles with the Leki shark click system there are even winter gloves that click in and out of the poles! Genius!

2. Martin Christie, who instructs on Hampstead Heath in London – Our favourite evening walks at this time of year are our TORCHLIGHT PARADES we usually all walk with our headtorches on but this year we have an even better gadget – Little lights that fit onto your poles!

3. Community Instructor Laura Jones from Bucks – All of the walkers in our group wear High Viz vests with our logo on.
It looks great when we all walk along the road, you could not miss us and the cars all beep as they go by. Those that walk with a backpack prefer to pop on the high viz ‘HUMP’ backpack covers which really do let vehicles now that you are out and about!

4. Never cancel classes just because its a wee bit icy underfoot – we try to stick to grassy routes or use special non slip Ice Cleats on our shoes – Last year we kept walking even in really icy conditions.

Finally – just remember – if you give in to a bit of cold weather or darkness you will lose everything you gained in the warmer months and lets face it ……. if we only went out in fair weather we would have had a pretty lazy summer anyway!

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