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Here are just a few of the many testimonials we receive every week from people who have made lifestyle changes and are feeling a lot better than when it started…..

Sue from Reading was determined to complete 5 miles by Christmas having taken up Nordic walking to address low fitness levels, earlier in the year. We are delighted to say…. here she is doing just that with the support from her Instructor and group.welcome sue xmas 2017 sue 5 miles before xmas 2017



Here are some more motivating quotes accompanied by pictures of lots of people gaining their FREEDOM passports.

ragdale 2

“Thank you Mike (Instructor)  for your patience, and clear, calm instruction. This is a life changer for us. Christopher has come on leaps and bounds since his heart attack and triple bypass this summer. During those dark days we never imagined doing this type of activity – thank you for introducing us to this wonderful activity. We would highly recommend Nordic Walking to anyone wanting to improve their physical health but also mental health. There is nothing like being outside in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside to make any situation seem better. Your guidance has been invaluable. We also appreciate the advice on the right clothing and shoes. Now fully equipped we will be out in all weathers. Looking forward to joining in some walks now that we have our passport x” Lynne G

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“Within a few weeks of starting Nordic Walking, I noticed a huge improvement to a shoulder problem I have had for some time. The NW technique with poles has given me a workout for my shoulders without even realising it. Together with the stretches in the ‘warm up’ I have regained almost all range of movement in my ‘bad’ shoulder. More importantly, I have been able to use my shoulder without pain. What a fantastic and enjoyable way to get fit. Thanks Ian “




I have just completed my 4 weeks training in Nordic walking with St Albans Nordic Walking and can honestly say that I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I was encouraged to try it by a friend but was dubious because I have recently been diagnosed as having significant arthritis in my knee and exercise was proving to be painful. I have been trying to find a form of exercise that would strengthen my knee without causing further damage and Nordic walking appears to be perfect. I can walk at a rate that suits me whilst being part of a group and the use of poles means that pressure and impact on my knees is greatly reduced. I also have some arthritis in my hands and Savita has worked with me to find poles that are comfortable to use.
I was surprised to find that Nordic walking exercises not only your legs but also your upper body. This improves your posture which stays with you after you have finished the session. It is also a very sociable exercise with options to join groups on several days during the week.”

freedom 4


“It’s such a great workout. And it’s one of the most accessible and mentally comfortable for someone like me who is overweight. You have a lot of the strain taken off your joints, you get a great workout, and you don’t have to worry about loads of people staring at you in a gym.” 





freedom 2I learnt the basics of Nordic Walking in April and haven’t looked back.  I enjoy being outdoors so started joining my local group to enjoy activity with others. There is great group cohesion and where possible walks end with a drink and chat. I went on to choose walks with more emphasis on my technique in order to reap extra body benefits. Presently I am half way through a ‘Fit for life’ course, also attending other workout walks to support me so that my end of course assessment is good!
More importantly, I am changing my mindset to enable me to face the temporary discomforts that accompany fitness training (previously avoided where possible) and I am now enjoying life. Many walks are near home but with the help of the group I am extending the area that I cover and am looking forward to joining others in pastures new.”

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