The power of PURPLE!

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Cooltex T-Shirt ReverseOur media team are working hard to make sure that Nordic Walking gets covered in magazines, newspapers and on the internet via social media and partnership promotions. Our aim is to drive customers to our brilliant Instructors (who we know are the best in the world!) and our research shows that Customers do place trust in the National Brand they are familiar with. In 2014 we have some new exciting initiatives which will generate extensive promotional opportunities so make sure you are ready to benefit from our plans.

We recently had a call from a Lady who was confused because she had read about NW in Women’s walking magazine but her local Instructor had a “Green website” and did not have our badge on it!!!

Here are a few tips to help YOU make it clear that you are part of something BIG!

NW acc Instructor1. Ask the support team to send you this logo to use on websites and marketing materials (and if you are NWUK Delivery partner make sure you get that logo too!)

2. If you come across any of our articles or press coverage – include it on your website or marketing. Similarly, if you manage to get a local press – try to  include our website address as not all readers will be in your catchment area so why not help promote other Instructors as together we can turn  MORE people into happy Nordic Walkers!

3. Order a car sticker or some clothing badges that are simple to iron or sew onto to your own clothing OR check out our new ranges of Instructor clothing – from Cool tech tee shirts to soft shell jackets and all carefully branded to make it clear you are a NWUK Instructor. (Remember you need to log in to the website to see these and pole prices)

Liverpool-20131018-00075-v24.Make sure you add a dash of PURPLE (like these Instructors at one of our roadshows) to your branding, perhaps encourage your clients to wear the cool tech caps and register for our ever popular newsletters (full of events, tips and advice from our experts) so they also feel part of a fantastic Nationwide fitness revolution!

We know how important your own brands are to you and but make sure you don’t miss out on the National opportunities and remember that we can achieve so much more….if we work together!

Another useful tip:- If you are a FACEBOOK user pop your pictures and posts onto the nordicwalkinguk page too because we have thousands of followers who may just be looking for an Instructor in YOUR area! We love the chat, inspirational stories and fun pictures that get posted on the page and we would love all of you to join in the fun too. IN FACT, we can’t wait for the Festive photos this year so get snapping if you are planning any celebratory walks or lunches!



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