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The team behind Nordic Walking UK are launching a new walking fitness concept called WALX in 2020.

“For years our Instructors have delivered far more than simple pole walking and now we want everybody to access these classes whether using poles or not” says Gill Stewart Director of Exercise Anywhere the parent company of NWUK and WALX

WALX will be a mix of stunning scenic WALX, Wellness WALX which include elements of yoga and mindfulness and Total body WALX which include a range of ways to turn a walk into a workout – including Nordic walking! These lively clubs will offer unlimited sessions with affordable monthly fees and an option to ‘drop in’ to pay as you go OPEN WALX as well

“We chose the word WALX because it enables us to describe the myriad of WALX our team will provide” says Gill. 

Walking is absolutely the best thing you can do on a daily basis for both your mind and body and this initiative is designed to make it accessible, affordable and a huge amount of fun. Studies show it does not only keep you mobile, ward off weight gain and keep your heart healthy but it is proven to help with mental health too.

It may seem like a simple thing to do without having to join a group but like any other exercise, there are barriers to putting on those walking shoes and getting out there. Some people worry about getting lost and have no idea of finding their way around whilst others worry about being out alone. Its common to worry about keeping up on group walks and also to be unsure of what shoes and clothes to don too.

Other concerns like parking the car, finding start locations and other practicalities like how long you may be out if time is of the essence can also put people off getting started. WALX is the solution because the team know how to overcome any concerns people may have . Every single walk has been pre- walked and risk assessed and will be led by a motivating, sociable leader who will provide all the info you need in order to find it and get booked in.

The team at WALX have also worked hard to make their WALX inspirational, experiential and fully accurate when it comes to how long you will be out, the pace of the group and the type of session involved.

There are themed WALX (everything from History, Foodie, Geology and Literary)  and plenty that end up at a local Pub or Cafe for a real social feel but that’s only the EXPLORER WALX. 

Those who want to get results from their WALX might feel that strolling for hours is not a quick enough exercise hit so the Team at WALX have devised their TOTAL BODY WALX concept which literally turns every walk into a workout. Typically one hour sessions and right on your doorstep, these WALX will include upper body exercises, cardiovascular drills, circuits and strength work.

Finally the power of walking to improve both mind and body has been captured by the concept too. Imagine walking to a stunning location to enjoy Forest bathing, mindfulness or a few walking based yoga moves? For those with health issues, there is a rehabilitation stream too which ensures those leading have the skills to help manage the condition and use walking as therapy. Gill adds ” We have so many testimonials that prove that walking in a safe sociable group with an Instructor who understands what you should or should not be doing is the best way to get into exercise. In short, people come to us with everything from breathing conditions to joint problems and with the right WALX they can begin to enjoy being active.” 

WALX has a community programme that is delivered by local Authorities (following training form the WALX Team)and is aimed at helping as many people as possible get walking. The first programme to launch will be COMMUNITY WALX SWINDON in early 2020

Watch this space and rest assured…………………. YOU WILL NEVER WALX ALONE!

The first set of WALX groups are already Live in READING, THE PEAK DISTRICT, DORSET , SCOTLAND and KENT with many more going Live by the New Year. Watch this space for new groups in North London, St Albans, Milton Keynes, Tring, Aylesbury, Preston, Swindon, Marlborough, Chester ….all coming soon!

More inspirational WALX Masters are needed though so if you think you could use walking to inspire others to enjoy being active – give Gill a call on 0333 1234 540



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