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Exercise Anywhere the parent company of Nordic Walking UK is widening it’s remit in order to encourage people to get active outdoors with quality programmes and qualified Instructors.

“For over 10 years, our award winning Nordic Walking programmes have helped people all over the UK to find safe sociable exercise at a level that’s just right for them” says Mike Rollason Director of Exercise Anywhere. “Our Instructors are inspirational and very skilled but we also realise that some people still do not join their sessions because they may not feel ready to walk with poles. With over 2,000 walks a week on our booking portal (Exercise Anywhere) we have been working with select NWUK groups to re brand as WALX and open some of their more experiential walking sessions up to non polers. Initially, friends and Family of our poling fans, began to attend in order to enjoy the well planned and sociable sessions but quickly the word spread and folk began to join our WALX groups in order to walk for a purpose (whether that’s fitness, health or simply fun).” He adds  “Many of those have since learned how to use poles in order to turn their WALX into a workout so its a win win all round”

So does this mean that Nordic Walking UK will disappear? NOT AT ALL. Exercise Anywhere will be re branding as WALX and those Instructors who would like to offer the innovative WALX programmes in the three key categories of WELLNESS, EXPLORER and TOTAL BODY WALX, will gradually move over to WALX branding but still deliver just as many Nordic WALX as they did before! They will always consult with their groups and explain any changes plus the benefits which include the WALX APP which is launching later this spring

Other groups will remain operating as Nordic Walking UK and will still be a vital part of the overall WALX vision says Mike. “Our training academy will remain as committed as ever to developing quality NW Instructors and we will continue to grow both brands in unison”

To help us fill in gaps in delivery (many areas of the UK are still waiting for activities near them) we will also be recruiting a new tranche of business Franchisees who will help us maximise on all opportunities including delivery of WALX programmes to schools, care homes, clinics and workplaces. They will help us to support all of our amazing Instructors too.

We are excited about taking both of our brands forward in order to help as many people as possible get active outdoors in sociable groups with skilled, supportive and smiley Instructors!

For more information visit the new WALX website 

Call us on 0333 1234 540

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