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NWUK Weight loss guru client pack

NWUK teamed up with International presenter and weight loss expert Pete Cohen in 2010 because both felt that a joined up approach would help them to support more people in their quests to lose weight and keep it off for good.

Pete Cohen aka the weight loss guru

Pete who was featured on GMTV  (see here) and is known for his fun, positive attitude towards changing negative behaviours has a highly successful ON LINE weight loss course which has helped people all over the world lose significant amounts of weight. However, he always felt that the whilst Members of his programme could be taught to change their approcah to food and eating via on line support, it was harder to encourage them in their efforts to become more active. Thats where NWUK would be able to help – with over 2,000 Instructors spread around the UK and already hosting safe, gentle exercise classes, they would be the perfect solution.Pete was also convinced that these Instructors had the right attitude towards healthy living and were approachable and able to motivate.

NWUK and Pete set to work to develop a concept which would enable the Nordic Walking Instructor to use Pete’s programme as a tool for educating and supporting their clients to:

  • Understand their realtionship with food (Eating habits)
  • Explore the how sugars and alcohol affect the above
  • Discover how to enjoy fresh seasonal foods
  • Realise how physical activity can be fun and how important it is.
  • Learn how to take small steps evry day towards a new way of living

The Instructor provides the client with a pack which contains 6 factsheets, a before and after card and 4 specific weekly workout plans to follow. They also provide at least 4 specific weight loss focussed classes where the group perform nordic walking and other gentle exerises that they are also taught to do at home (in order to get maximum results) Ideally, these sessions are solely for those with weight issues as this enables the participants to support each other and is less intimidating than joining a class which includes those with different goals. many Instructors actually package the programme into 8 weeks which includes the NWUK ‘learn to nordic walk’ programme

The Client also gets a THREE MONTH MEMBERSHIP of the Weight loss guru programme which is packed with resources such as recipes and a support blog as well as the step by step plan.

The programme works by taking the client through 3 stages to make sure they are prepared to get going, understand all the tools and then ready to embark on the initial 21 day plan.

Whilst going through the 21 day plan they receive a daily e mail from Pete and are asked to make simple daily changes using the tools & techniques they have learned.

At the end of the 21 days they feel energised, have lost weight and, most importantly, will have changed their attitudes too.

Participants who have followed the programme have reported weight loss as much as 6 stone (read Kaye and Kerley’s stories)

Click here to see the Weight loss guru website.

To find Instructors who deliver the programme click here

Instructors wishing to teach the programme are provided access to an on line training programme and access to the Weight loss guru for 3 months in order to fully understand the concept and be able to guide their clients through it – to launch the programme call Kaye on 0845 260 9339.




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