Why take up Nordic walking?

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Walking with poles? You may find it strange, amusing even but here are just a few of the messages we have received on our Facebook page which explain, in their own words, what Nordic Walking has done for them. Read on and be inspired!

We also know that many of our readers have similar stories to share so please don’t hold back – tell us what Nordic Walking has given you and help encourage others to give it a go too!


“After six sessions or so weight started to fall off (now 1stone in 5months) Posture improved and walking in higher gears became the norm. Have now done my Leaders Course.Keep walking” JOHN

“I definitely felt a lift with my posture and the stomach muscles started to work, also felt a difference in my arms and wrists. The fresh air is always a tonic regardless of whether iit’s rain or shine. All this gives me  better sleep and relaxation. I try to do a little every day but am not always successful. It is very necessary for my arthritic joints, knees and shoulders in particular. The poles give me added support helping me to stride out with confidence. A great exercise.” PAULINE

“I noticed my posture was better almost immediately.  It toned my arms after about 4wks, however as I had gone from jogging to walking I wasn’t burning as many calories and so I have put on weight, not a lot but definitely a gain rather than a loss.  But if you’re going from doing nothing to walking then I can imagine you’d definitely lose weight.  I much prefer walking to jogging, no getting overly sweaty and you get to take in your surroundings much more.” SHARON

“It took me about four weeks to notice any physical changes, however the feeling of wellbeing from being able to go outside was instant. A year down the line it’s as if I’m a different person. The changes are still happening and will continue to do so as long as I can walk” BOB

“It has greatly improved my knees, as I suffer from hyper mobility, I used to find it difficult to get about without crutches or a walking stick, since starting Nordic walking, I can go all day without any pain in my knees and no longer have to use any crutches or walking sticks…. I can even jog up the stairs in my now permanent job”  Lyndsey

I became a Nordic walker just over a year ago and now join group walks three times a week and walk on my own sometimes – heres the background to why I needed it and how its improved my health ( Shirley aged 70) :-

  • hip operation a few years ago plus having back problems and also two operations on my right hand due to severe arthritis, I limited my exercise to swimming and pilatis, however I really missed being out in the fresh air, so decided to try Nordic walking
  • Results have been amazing and because of the excellent training prior to joining the group walks and the support of the poles I haven’t suffered any discomfort at all. I’ve lost a stone in weight and have toned up everywhere, even my upper arm “bingo wings” ! and I feel much fitter and have more energy. 
  • I’ve also met some very pleasant people on the walks and one of the main things is that Nordic walking is not competitive so everyone can walk at their own speed, it is also something that can be enjoyed by all people of all ages.
  • At my recent yearly medical check up at the surgery all my tests were very good, especially my blood pressure and they were most impressed with my weight loss !!
  • I’d recommend this type of exercise to everyone as a wonderful way of keeping fit and happy. 


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