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WALX in the Marches is based at the heart of the Shropshire Hills Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty which provides our stunning gym without walls here and beyond in the English Marches. Led by Beverley Turner, WALX in the Marches began life in 2016 as Shropshire Hills Nordic Walking, bringing regular Nordic Walking training and group walks to this renowned walking area.

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Beverley Turner

Role: WALX Master

Beverley has been Nordic Walking since 2015. From her first experience of it, she was keen to share her discovery with the world … or her part of it at least! As a result, she trained to become a Nordic Walking Instructor and set up Shropshire Hills Nordic Walking, teaching her first clients in April 2016. Beverley comes from a background in music, administration, and education. Although not from a professional background in fitness, she feels that her experience as a classical musician and private music teacher informs her teaching of Nordic Walking. Good posture is as important for effective Nordic Walking as for playing an instrument or singing. In addition, both disciplines offer a strong sense of connection to others and to the natural world around us, whilst providing a range of wellbeing benefits.
Beverley enjoys getting to know her walkers, and sharing her love for flora and fauna, history, and local knowledge on her walks. She likes mixing with people of all ages and backgrounds and loves learning from others too!
Outside of walking, Beverley has a very busy family life (and has been delighted to have found Nordic Walking as a very efficient and enjoyable form of exercise for the time poor). She has a strong interest in music and the arts, reading, nature and the environment, good food, and health and wellbeing.


from members of Beverley Turner

Starting Out

Nordic Walking? Why would that be different from going for a walk with sticks?  As I get older I know it gets just that bit tougher to keep active and fit and keep one step ahead of the aging process.  Well, an individual Taster session with Beverley was like a breath of fresh air for me. I found her to be warm, easy and friendly and she was so welcoming and encouraging. I was given every reason to believe that this was a manageable challenge to take on; thus I went on to enjoy and complete a 4 week ‘Learn To’ course. She fully convinced me of the benefits of Nordic Walking that this was going to be something worth learning (& couldn’t be more different from just walking with sticks!) Being outside under the skies, whether clear or cloudy is a thousand times more enticing to me than any gym. It will be a pleasure to keep me moving and active whilst knowing I’m exercising a whole body. Beverley is a real ‘people person’. She is a great motivator and teacher and her love of the great outdoors and Nordic Walking in particular is tangible and infectious! Having moved from The Taster Session, on to the 4 week ‘Learning To’ course I now thoroughly look forward to my weekly guided walk where Beverley continues to offer technical advice and expertise (when she notices us slacking!) and keeps us on our toes in order that we can develop and improve our technique which we can then take anywhere with us and learning the technique is invaluable. It’s not just walking with sticks. If you are considering Nordic Walking, then don’t hesitate, go for a Taster or a ‘Learn To’ course and I can almost guarantee that learning with Beverley will be a Joy. Thanks Beverley, it really has been inspirational learning with you.  

Win Mainwaring

Starting Out

We both had a very enjoyable experience at our Power of Poles course, after the initial apprehension that it would be to technical for us as complete novices.
Although there was only the two of us, Beverley put us both at ease explaining in detail the background and benefits of  Nordic Walking- this was useful as it made us understand the "why" of Nordic Walking.
We were given ample opportunity to try out the poles after each instruction and Beverley worked alongside us  ensuring we complied to her guidance and didn't feel overwhelmed or confused.
Although l have a physical job which involves a lot of standing and walking l am not very good at walking at pace over a distance and inclines are a definite no go. I often struggle to keep up with my husband when we go out walking with our dog.
During the training we did 4 circuits of the playing fields and a couple of inclines, following instructions l did this easily while keeping up with my husband which surprised both of us.( l think he was a little impressed)
Beverley was very patient and enthusiastic and made the whole experience enjoyable.
We decided to sign up for our first walk and again we were apprensive as it was a group walk and it is never easy being the newbies!!! Beverley made us  very welcoming introducing us to the group in such a way we felt completely at ease.
During the walk she accompanied us, ensuring we weren't left behind whilst monitoring our technique and offering support and encouragement.
Yesterday we completed our second walk which was also very enjoyable.
On both walks we have felt welcomed and at ease with the group, it has been a pleasure walking with them while having a few laughs along the way. At no time were we made to feel awkward or uncomfortable.
We have both enjoyed our initial experiences and will be signing up for other walks over the coming weeks.

Jacqui Pedley