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There is a solution for everyone who wants to keep fit and healthy. WalxRidgeway. We have ahuge variety outdoor sessions plus personal training and Sports massage and therapy and online /ondemand classes so we can help you learn and enjoy these great ways to stay on top form. We walk in various locations across  Bucks Herts and Beds. WE have some amazing online classes too check out the website www.walxridgeway.co.uk Pole hire always include in cost. Covid-19 pole loan is currently stricly limited and subject to vigourous cleaning and quarantined process

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    Meet the Team

    Karen Lem

    Role: WALX Master

    After 20 years in corporate business Karen decided to follow her passion- Fitnenss and Wellbeing.Since 2006 Vivo has developed into an holistic and comprehensive source for anyone wanting to feel good about themselves,their health and their body.

    Karen has an enthusiastic and infectious approach suitable for all age groups and all goals. Her real passion is to be outdoors so Nordic Walking an essential part of both her business and personal stay healthy regime.

    “You cant beat being out in the beautiful countryside and landscapes of any country in any weather!”

    Corrine Maynard-Wood

    Role: WALX Guide

    Working at a desk 4 days a week, a year ago I decided I needed to find a way to keep fit and help my stiff back. I started power walking 3 times a week but didn’t feel this was giving me the results I was seeking. In September 2018 I came across a Nordic Walking leaflet and read “you use 90% of your major muscles and you can burn 20-40% extra calories” – I was sold ! I booked myself on a taster session and was hooked straight away. A few weeks later I went along to a Fast Track, bought a pair of poles and started walking 3 times a week. I now go out with my poles almost everyday of the week and I LOVE it ! This is by far the best exercise I have done. I love the fact I am getting a whole body workout whilst being outdoor amongst nature and socialising with fellow Nordic Walkers. If you haven’t tried it yet give it a go – the chances are you won’t regret it

    Melanie Davis

    Role: WALX Guide

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Nordic Walking because it is so me. It combines my passion for the beautiful English countryside and need for fresh air with my enthusiasm for exercise and fitness. It not only gives me a fantastic all over body workout but is great for my soul and mental well-being too.

    I can honestly say Nordic Walking has transformed my life since I retired from nursing. It has given me a sense of purpose and a fabulous new hobby. Who would have thought that in my 60th year, I would train to become a Nordic Walking Instructor but I feel so privileged to have been given the opportunity to enable others to learn the technique and take up this amazing activity.

    Most important of all, Nordic Walking has introduced me to a bunch of like-minded people and I have made some fabulous new friends. I love to hear everyone chatting whilst enjoying the surrounding scenery in the constantly changing seasons. Walking in a group makes me feel safe and enables me to get out when friends and family are not available. I also enjoy a challenge (I climbed Kilimanjaro a few years ago) and love taking part in challenge events with the supportive bunch of people that are Nordic Walkers.

    Elizabeth Everington

    Role: WALX Guide

    I came to Nordic Walking after getting well from a life debilitating illness and a desire to walk the length of this beautiful land: Britain. As a lifetime lover of walking, I became very despondent when I was struck down with ME/CFS and told I would never be well enough to walk in our wonderful countryside again.

    Thankfully I did regain my health through alternative therapies, and am now a hypnotherapist and life coach working with people to be the best they can be, and an exceedingly proud member of ‘The end to enders’ club of length of Britain walkers since 2013.

    NW seems a very natural part of the healing and life affirming process and so I trained as a NW leader. My deepest pleasure in life is walking the hills and countryside of Britain, and as such like to get out there for hours at a time. My walking style is steady over distance, whilst taking a little time to appreciate all that is around us. So if a 2+ hour walk through the Hertfordshire countryside covering approximately 6 miles takes your fancy, then I very much look forward to meeting you and sharing in our beautiful land whilst having a full body workout: what could be better?

    Bryony Evans

    Role: WALX Guide

    I LOVE Nordic Walking as it really adds variety to my work. As a Personal Trainer, a lot of my work is gym or home-based, and Nordic Walking appeals to me not only for being outside in the fresh air, but because it is a PERFECT fat burning intensity workout too!

    I enjoy walking with a group where everyone is chatting away, enjoying the sights and smells of the woods, fields and rolling hills. Nordic Walking has revealed to me so much about myself and others, and I want to share this with as many people as possible. I enjoy it so much, I have now got my mum and dad on board too!