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The WALX HQ Team are the creators of the WALX and Nordic Walking UK programmes. As well as training and supporting Instructors they provide a range of inspirational VIRTUAL workshops and informative presentations for them to share with their groups. Their sessions are open to all!


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  • Nordic WALX
  • Power of Poles Intro Course
  • Total Body WALX
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    Meet the Team

    Martin Christie

    Role: WALX Team

    In 2003, Martin introduced Nordic walking to the country, formed Nordic Walking UK and developed the first instructor training course – irrespective of who taught you, he either trained your instructor or trained the person who trained them! Within WALX & Nordic Walking UK today, he leads the development of its education programmes, creating training courses to educate instructors and leaders ranging from community volunteers to neurophysiotherapists. To remain current and relevant, he runs WALXhampstead in north London. He is an active member of Parkinson’s UK Exercise Hub, the network at the forefront of advising on exercise for people with Parkinson’s.


    Gill Stewart

    Role: WALX Team

    Gill is the programmes Director for WALX and is behind many of the innovative concepts from the NWUK gears and Power of Poles processes to use of Smoveys and other wellness drills. Passionate about providing holistic programmes that appeal to levels and keep people moving, she is the creator of the innovative Total Body WALX concept which simply MAKES WALKING WORK!  Author of the complete Guide to Nordic Walking and a motivational  speaker, she also contributes to regular press and magazine articles.

    Denise Page

    Role: WALX Team

    Denise Page is a highly experienced Fitness Industry presenter having risen the ranks of Director of YMCA Fit before joining the WALX education team. She also enjoys delivering sessions locally and managing a team of Instructors as a WALX Franchisee (WALX Coast and Country) whilst being heavily involved in training new Nordic Walking UK Instructors and helping them upskill via innovative programmes like Yoga WALX and Functional Fitness. Denise’s passion for inclusive exercise both indoors and out means she has also become the face of the WALX virtual portal (both live and on demand via our videos)

    Sam Armstrong

    Role: Guest Presenter

    Sam has been delivering Nordic walking for over 12 years and has worked her way up from an Instructor to a WALX Franchisee – she spends most of her time in Derbyshire where she runs her lovely group of dedicated walxers with the help form an amazing team of Instructors and leaders (WALX Derwent and Dales)

    Sam wanted to help other Instructors during lockdown by providing some SMOVEY workouts and they have grown so popular that they are now a permanent fixture!

    June Holden

    Role: Guest Presenter

    June Holden won’t mind us letting you in a secret that she’s one of the oldest Instructors in the UK! She completed the training in her seventies after being a walk Leader with WALX Derwent for many years and more recently has specialised in Tai Chi movements for wellbeing which is what she now delivers for HQ to help other groups add variety to their programmes

    KT Page

    Role: WALX Team

    KT worked with the WALX Education team to fuse Yoga with outdoor programmes as part of the Welness WALX concept – she delivers the YOGA WALX Instructor training and a weekly session that is open to anybody who wants to enjoy a relaxing Yoga sequence – indoors or out!