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freedom-card-benefits-2015Our delivery partner network is going from strength to strength and we are looking for Instructors who want to be part of this exciting National scheme. If you feel you would like to benefit from more support, a range of business tools and additional training plus the opportunity to deliver our award winning FREEDOM programme, give us a call today. 0333 1234 540

In the meantime this quick overview and an even more in depth Q and A click through should help you to understand more about the FREEDOM programme and delivery partner network and how you can get involved.

What is the network?Planner

It is a group of instructors and projects who have chosen to represent NWUK in their area by delivering the NWUK bespoke programmes rather than being an independent NWUK Instructor who would design their own teaching plans and structure. In general network instructors are Individuals who are seeking to build comprehensive business models with the benefits of tried and tested processes and the support of our team. By standardising what they deliver we can also help them succeed by centrally promoting the programmes and even negotiating contracts for them to deliver see 1LIFE LEISURE CENTRE CONTRACT  and BOURNEMOUTH UNI CONTRACT. Both of these were negotiated by NWUK but the local delivery partners gain the work and income.

Delivery partners do invest in additional training, (up to 4 business days plus other modules) and the tools which help them operate professional programmes. These include, enhanced listing on NWUK website, a personal website, marketing tool kit, client management & booking system plus credit card and direct debit facilities and designated support on all aspects of their business. They also work together as a team and support other local Instructors who may not want to have such comprehensive tools.

As the network expands we are building in Regional support and a mentoring process where successful delivery partners support new Instructors and become tutors and assessors for our education team. See this regional website DORSET NORDIC WALKING

What is the FREEDOM programme ?

ukactive-winner-2014The award winning FREEDOM programme is a specific way of delivering Nordic walking technique in a set formula based on the principles of behaviour change . Rather than simply focussing on the technique, our experts have designed the lesson plans to empower each individual to fully understand each movement and to learn how to build technique up in ‘layers’ in order to gain the results they want. Using a proven method of delivery, the programme has a profound effect on how clients view Nordic walking and also directly affects their long term adherence. It concentrates on intensity, progression and ensuring results whilst understanding the key drivers for each client in order to provide the right amount of motivation and tuition.Delivery partner Instructors are given lesson plans for a taster session and the 4 session course plus full materials such as brochures and freedom passports which provide incentives and benefits for their clients too. Included in the training to deliver the programme are other key processes such as enquiry handling skills, how to design a full schedule of classes and even building your brand identity, unique selling points and pricing strategy. In short – this programme answers all the questions generally asked by an Instructor who has just qualified or has tried to get established but is struggling to attract or retain clients.

Why are all Instructors who qualify with NWUK not immediately in the network?

As a fitness training company we provide very cost effective training but whilst, unlike most training companies, we do also promote our Instructors via our website search listing (over 1.1 m hits per year) and extensive media coverage (13 m readership in 2 months), we simply can not include the additional support, materials and training in our basic course cost. We also appreciate not everybody wants to  build a business and many simply use it in their day jobs or add to existing models such as Pilates or weight management groups where they may already have some tools and even an existing client base.  We provide hours of support and training as well as the software, websites, marketing tool kit and even the costs of FREEDOM PASSPORTS and we also help by spreading the costs of these into monthly payments. Another reason we can not include the FREEDOM programme into our instructor training courses is because our level 2 qualification is a recognised fitness Industry standard which means we have to ensure that all of our Instructors are able to create their own teaching plans for teaching nw technique and are simply not given a set process to follow. Assessment criteria requires them to be able to plan their own lessons. As our bespoke FREEDOM programme (and the other programmes) are in a set formula with teaching plans, it is therefore not possible for us to include these in our initial Instructor training at the moment.

What benefits do customers gain from the FREEDOM PASSPORT?cotswold_outdoor2011-2-300x196

The FREEDOM PASSPORT is used to help the customer to understand the skills they have mastered and the level at which they are recommended to walk. It is a Nationally recognised symbol that somebody has completed the FREEDOM programme. Similar to  the PADI diving standard, it signifies they have completed basic tuition and are safe to attend regular walks at the correct level. It also New_rectangle_Rohan_Logo_cmykprovides them with a code which enables them to book into suitable classes with any participating instructor right across the UK. Each Instructor teaches the same process using our ‘gear’ system and the client is empowered to understand their correct level plus the session icons (see below). As their par q is also held securely on line this allows the Instructors to ensure they are able to cope with the session/walk booked before they turn up too. In addition the FREEDOM PASSPORT includes access to FREE membership of NWUK which in turn gives them 10% of any items in the NWUK store plus other benefits such cotton-tradersas 15% off in Cotswold Outdoors and other discounts for everything from Hotter shoes to holidays and even races and festivals. This membership is brand new and is available for purchase to all Nordic walkers without FREEDOM PASSPORTS (or cards) too. We will be launching it fully in the coming weeks when everything is in place.

Click here to access the full Q and A information ………………………………….



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