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First Aid Academy & Adventure First AidWe have teamed up with the First Aid academy to offer a bespoke One day first aid course for our Instructors and leaders plus access to a more comprehensive 2 day specific outdoor first aid course

1 Day – First Aid for Nordic Walk UK Leaders & Instructors

A specifically designed course for Nordic Walking Uk leaders and Instructors who operate in the urban park setting, or who are not venturing far from emergency service help such as the local ambulance service (i.e. not therefore needing Mountain rescue).

Course content

  • Recognition of vital signs
  • Developing an accident / incident procedure
  • Adult CPR
  • Dealing with bleeding injuries
  • Dealing with soft tissue injuries (sprains and strains)

FOR DATES AND PRICES see here BUT book via NWUK to get discounted prices call 0333 1234540 or e mail support@nordicwalking.co.uk

Outdoor First Aid Course

Nationally recognised Outdoor First Aid and Incident Management courses focus on  outdoor first aid and remote first aid training techniques.

This course covers far more than 1 day training and will leave you competent to manage incidents where help from the Emergency services is likely to take longer.

The course contents validates the requirements of NGB /coaching awards – ML Summer, MLW, WGL, SPA, MIA, MIC, British Mountain Guide, IML, BASI, BCU, RYA, BOF, MIAS/SMBLA mountain bike awards, Local Cave and Mine Leader. 

  • Introduction
  • Vital signs
  • Accident procedure
  • Recognition and treatment of an unconscious casualty
  • Recognition and treatment of seizures
  • Recognition and treatment of Cardiac Arrest (Adult CPR)
  • Recognition and treatment of Drowning / Child CPR / Infant CPR
  • Recognition and treatment choking casualties
  • Recognition and treatment of bleeding injuries
  • Recognition and treatment of burns and scalds
  • Recognition and treatment potential fractures to arms and lower legs
  • Recognition and treatment soft tissue injuries
  • Recognition and treatment head injuries (brain injuries – concussion, compression)
  • Recognition and treatment neck injuries
  • Recognition and treatment of injuries to the torso (chest, stomach, pelvis and thigh)
  • Practical incidents to re-inforce learning
  • Recognition and treatment of common medial emergencies (Asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, bites, stings,)
  • Recognition and treatment of core heating and cooling (hyper and hypothermia)

FOR DATES AND PRICES see here BUT book via NWUK to get discounted prices call 0333 1234540 or e mail support@nordicwalking.co.uk

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