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tablet oneA Message for NWUK Delivery Partners

The Team at NWUK HQ know that no business should ever rest on its laurels and never embrace change (no matter how painful it may seem) – success comes from understanding what potential clients want and adapting accordingly. That’s why we have spent two years developing the new search and book portal that puts them in the driving seat and also makes the whole enquiry/booking process simpler for our Delivery Partners.

We know that it’s difficult for an Instructor to change an established format and we appreciate that it’s also a huge learning curve for some of you but the public are voting with their fingers and this January we have had the proof we needed that this IS the way forward! We also know you might not take our word for it so maybe it will help you to hear the views of one of our longest serving DPs who was VERY reluctant to change and another who describes herself as a technophobe!

Take a minute to listen to their views and try to think beyond your current customers (who will adapt as you can see) and think of how you can progress in the future and be part of something unique, exciting and professional.

Here are their honest views ……..


Sam Armstrong – CoreConcept and Derbyshire Nordic Walking

Pauline Beare – On The Go and Devon Nordic Walking

Caroline Fisher – Saddleworth Nordic Walking


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