Strictly come NORDIC!

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Len Goodman tries Nordic Walking!

NWUK Instructor Lisa Mallet was recently asked to offer Nordic Walking tasters at an event at the Royal Albert Hall in London. The event marked the launch of the YOUR PERSONAL BEST CAMPAIGN which is supported by Len Goodman and Arlene Phillips of ‘Strictly’ fame who joined in and had a go at Nordic Walking!

The campaign which was launched by Glaxo Smith Kline is aimed at helping the over 55s and those with long term health conditions to become more active. The emphasis is on working at your own pace and not letting age or ill health become barriers to having a go at gentle activity.

Lisa demos Nordic Walking technique at the Albert Hall

Lisa, a physiotherapist went along to host the Tasters supported by a huge pack of poles and banners provided by NWUK. Naturally the Nordic Walking tasters were a huge success and everyone agreed it is the ideal activity for those who are concerned about joint pain, balance and stability or poor general health.

As the event progressed, Lisa was delighted that even Len and Arlene picked up the poles and gave it a whirl (excuse the pun!) see pictures by Gareth Davies.

Arlene takes part in the taster session

As you can see, a graceful pose and good posture can make the technique look effortless although its a good job the Albert Hall is large as not everyone was dressed for the great outdoors! In all it was a great event and a really worthy cause so if you know anybody who may needs some encouragement to help them get active check out the campaign website





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