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Having issues with registering, booking online or having an issue with a website and can’t work out why it’s not working? – David, our in-house IT specialist suggests “a great place to start is try is clearing your browser cache.”




What is a Cache?

The internet browser cache is a temporary storage location on your device for files downloaded by your internet browser to display websites.  These files that are cached locally include any documents that make up a website, such as html files, CSS style sheets, JavaScript scripts, as well as graphic images and other multimedia content.

Why Do I Need To Clear The Cache?

The internet browser cache can get quite large and take up a lot of space on your hard drive, filled with data from websites you will never visit again. While you can limit how large it can get, it is still useful to occasionally clear it to fix problems and speed things up again.

Sometimes, cached versions of a website can cause issues, for example when the browser does not download a fresh version of the website, even though the site was updated since last caching it. Another evidence for a cache issue is when a website only loads partially or looks like it’s badly formatted. Since the cache lies at the heart of many website-related problems, IT support will recommend that you clear your cache when you report respective phenomena.

How Do I Clear the Cache?

To clear your cache on your internet browser, take a look at this helpful guide which takes you through how to do this on various internet browers i.e. Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari etc. Click here to read this.

Source: https://www.makeuseof.com/tag/browser-cache-makeuseof-explains/ 

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