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It’s not something we think about in our youth; just one of many natural attributes that we take for granted. Nor one that we consider in midlife, when we might be concerned instead with greying hair, rising blood pressure or a thickening waistline. But that’s where too many of us are wrong. In midlife, measuring and improving our balance is immensely important. As the broadcaster and wellness guru Dr Michael Mosley says, “Having good balance is a powerful predictor of how long and how healthily you will live.”…
Some of you may have seen an excellent article about Nordic walking and balance  in the Telegraph on Saturday 19th February. Balance improves our coordination and proprioception, as well as challenging our core.Practice also builds strength in the target muscles.

Try these with or without poles !

Look ahead think about engaging your core and breathe!

Stand on one leg; if that’s too easy try it with your eyes closed
Extend onto tip toes
Lift your foot and use your toes to write your name or the days of the week
Try tightrope walking imagine you are walking along a tightrope very slowly try it forwards and backwards.

To find out what’s happening at WALX Salcey and Beyond in the March issue click the link below:

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