Walk of the month – April

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We’re excited to announce the beginning a new series ‘Walk of The Month’ celebrating a special walk from each month. April’s Walk of The Month was the sunset walk on Monday 19th. This walk had everything: beautiful views, great company and lovely weather; what more can you ask for?

See the walk description from our WALX Master, Jon, below:

We ascended Oat Hill, then descended down into the valley, only to climb again upto the top of Broc Hill. After seeing the sun setting in the west across the plan towards the Wrekin we paused for a chat at the sundial. Down on to the edge of Brocton Village we then took on the long rise of Hollywood Slade, to the right is the Deer reserve and we were treated to catch a view of two in the trees getting ready for their evening.

We continued up the hill to Brocton Coppice where, in a clearing, you could imagine a UFO landing in depths of the night.

We then took the long walk down towards the stepping stones, crossing over the Sherbrook and turning left towards the Haywood Park Covert and then finishing back at the Punchbowl for a well deserved stretch at the end of today’s workout.

Check out some of the lovely pictures on our social media!

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