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What does community mean to you?

Is it your neighbour you’re friends with, work colleagues or other attendees at your weekly WALX session?

Community can mean different things to everyone, and after recent events some communities and knowing your role with these groups has been lost.

Community is defined as a group of individuals living in the same place or sharing common interests and attitudes. A social unit with common norms, values or identify.

For me, it is my fitness buddies and new mums. They are my tribe.

They are who I enjoy attending activities with, but I can also share the hard times.

It is known community and the support of a community group offers plays a big role in everyone’s mental wellbeing, for all ages.  Everyone needs a community.

You need people who you can relate to and have some contact with (not only over facetime and zoom). They are individual’s you have something in common with and they have your back at times of need.

Having a strong community around you will provide you with many health benefits and is prescribed as a method to build someone’s mental strength.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate your community. Can you identify who they are and how much they mean to you?

For some over the pandemic, these support systems have been impacted a lot and possibly lost.

Maybe it is time to pull together and consider others around you who don’t fit into the mould. We have tried hard over the pandemic to keep in contact with as many of you as we could and to encourage community, but is this something we can take outside of the WALX community? Or invite others in?

Do you have someone at work who seems quite distant. Is there a friend who you haven’t spoken to in a long time who would benefit from some time with you? Can you extend your kindness and try support those around you who aren’t your first thought when you consider who you spend your time with?

We need to rebuild our communities.

As the world is accepting COVID is something we have to live with and the restrictions are being eliminated in March, some may feel overwhelmed and need extra time to adapt or require support from others to help them get back into society.

Have patience and be kind to all. Look outside of your bubble…

What does community mean to you?  Here are some words which help define community.

Communication – They are individuals you go to for support or for a distraction

Openness and honesty – You can be true to yourself as you share the same values

Meaningful conversation and advice from individuals you respect

Memories – You make memories with them, doing the things you enjoy

Unity – You work as a team and look out for one another

Natural – They accept you being you in all forms. That is what brings you together

Instant connection – You have things in common and share the same space

Trust – You make time for your community and trust how they approach things

You – You can be true to yourself with this group and find your individuality and role

At WALX Coast and Country, we strive to build a strong community and one of the aspects we love about our walks is the togetherness and social aspect.  We have a strong community where friendships are formed.

We also have our extended community of our local and national WALX teams. There is a common bond between groups and we welcome all.

Some of us have joined the Walk 1000 miles community. There is a huge walking community online who are walking 1000 miles this year. Walks are shared online, and individual’s share their thoughts and love for walking.

What we have is very special. Let’s encourage this further to get communities taking care of themselves and each other.

Katie Horsly-Page

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