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We’re under constant stress today. We feel pressure to achieve more, to be better, to beat the Joneses, to move up the ladder – and handle all the other aspects of life. Current challenges include inflation levels that no one has had to cope with for years.

You might also be juggling kids’ extracurricular activities, caring for parents and running a business. Just managing email has become a full-time job.

As 2022 begins, I’m finding myself running 25/8. Perhaps you’re experiencing it too. Life was easier when we only had to turn up 24/7.

How are you keeping yourself in shape?

Figures from 2020 tell us that British employees reported higher levels of burnout in comparison to global figures and that three-quarters of UK workers reported suffering from burnout. Unfortunately, burnout isn’t fixable with a magic pill or silver bullet. But the root causes can be addressed before things go too far.

A kettle whistles when pressure builds up; you know the water has reached boiling point. The vent relieves the pressure.

The Adventure Walx, an initiative by Walx Preston, can help relieve the pressure in your life.

Our regular weekly programme consists of 60-90 minute bite-size walking socials, run all year. The Adventure Walx offers a step up, once or twice a month.


Adventure Walx
Our recipe: a well planned and organised 2-3 hour walk at a suitably interesting out-of-town venue, with a sprinkle of undulating terrain, a handful of inspiring views, a dash of history, and garnished with a bunch of like-minded people who quickly become your friends.

When you walk in nature, you experience bird calls, forest scent, fresh air and sunshine. The combination provides a great experience.

Participants report feeling connected, alive, appreciative: regenerated. As you mingle with others, walking side by side, sharing your stories or your woes – and laughing and joking about your muddy boots – your mind loosens its grip on the problems and challenges you were facing back at home or in the office.

In these moments, you are free.

We end our Adventure Walx at a cafe, pub or restaurant. So, if you’d like to have your cake and eat it, then come with us on an Adventure Walx.

In January we visited Haigh Hall and the flight of Wigan Locks on the Leeds and Liverpool Canal. In February, we shall be visiting Lancaster Castle, the River Lune and Lancaster Canal. We’ll end this walk with a roast dinner at a popular canal side eatery.

Later in the year we have a coach trip planned to Hadrian’s Wall and the iconic Sycamore Gap as this year is its 1900th anniversary.

Have we twisted your arm ?

Join us. There is nothing to prepare, nothing to organise. Simply book, turn up, walk, talk – and go home regenerated.

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