The Month of Love

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The month of love, friendship and admiration. When you send the one you love flowers, a card or even chocolate.  But as Ru Paul likes to remind us, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?”.  With the pandemic still looming above us it has been a tough old year to fully embrace anything (literally!) with many having low days, which makes it even harder to love ourselves.  Many have struggled with isolation or shielding, not able to meet loved ones or enjoy their love of any hobbies.  With time a little slower, and possibly more time on your hands whilst we wait for the norm to re-emerge. Let’s use February as a time to love ourselves.  It is time to invest in YOU. 

Here are a few ideas of how to spoil yourself on Valentines, until we are able to hug again…


  1. Participate in an online event.  Whether it is a fun quiz night or online murder mystery event, get booking and you may even make some new friends.
  2. Movie night.  Pick out your favourite movie or even stream a new one.  Let us know what you pick!
  3. A meal In-In.  You can get some great table inspiration online nowadays.  Get your best tableware out, buy some pretty flowers, candles on, music playing in the background, dim the lights and pour yourself something special.  Cooking from scratch and then enjoying it at the table will bring some self-love to valentines.
  4. Read a book.  Holding an actual book and not reading from a screen just brings something extra.  Everyone has one book next to the bed they have been planning on reading for ages.  If you don’t have a new one, why not swap over a book with a friend and then discuss them at a later date. A mini book club.
  5. A candle lit bath.  What could be better?  Stay in there a little bit longer than normal, until your toes go wrinkly.  You may even have a bath tray to enjoy a glass of something or even start that book…
  6. Pillow spray.  Have an early night and create a calming atmosphere in the bedroom.  When was the last time you considered your sleep hygiene.  Invest in a lovely silk pillowcase and buy a calming lavender spray.  You could even put on a meditative app in the background.  Enjoy..
  7. A walk.  As you are all familiar with this one, it doesn’t need much explanation.  The benefits of a walk and being with nature is endless.
  8. If it’s too wet, sit by the window with a hot drink and watch the rain fall.  You will be surprised how therapeutic it is.
  9. Call that friend you haven’t spoken to in a while.  Don’t worry about the time, chat the evening away laughing, reminiscing and checking in on them.
  10. Pamper yourself.  Get yourself a face mask, eye mask, hair mask or even a foot spa.  Who doesn’t love a pamper!

Pick one or even two and find a moment to pause for you.  Let us know how it goes and please share any more ideas you may have. 

Happy Valentines to you all.


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