Tips for the Hot Weather

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Summer solstice has been, the summer months have begun.  I don’t know about you, but this summer feels warmer already and I am loving the lighter evenings.  So, let’s think about how you can protect yourself when out walking.  It is important to take care in the heat, so we have come up with some simple tips to remind you how to prepare before exercising or walking outdoors.

Use this as a checklist before each walk to ensure you are organised.  We want you feeling good whilst out and about.

  1. The night before, fill up your water bottle halfway and put it in the freezer. You can fill the other half before you leave the next day to have a refreshing drink whilst out.  Do check your bottle is freezer safe.  A cold drink is so refreshing.  A simple luxury.
  2. Put your sunscreen on and don’t forget the ears! Even if it is cloudy.  Always check the label of your cream, ensuring it isn’t too old (it has an expiry date) and look out for at least 30 SPF to protect against UVB and at least a 4-star rating for UVA protection.
  3. Have a hat, sunglasses and cover up appropriately to avoid burning and to protect the eyes. A wide brim will protect you further when selecting hats.

4.Sun cream should be applied twice before the activity.  Once 30 minutes before leaving and then just before you go outside.   You should then reapply every 2                  hours as the sun dries the cream off the skin.

  1. Remember to hydrate. Keep taking sips of water whilst out. If you are pausing for food and picnics,  include foods which help with hydration, such as cucumber, watermelon, tomatoes, spinach, strawberries, celery, courgettes, and iceberg lettuce.
  2. Darker clothing absorbs more UV than lighter colours. The more vivid the lighter colour can also protect you further. So, a brighter yellow top is better than a pastel yellow.  Consider your outfits.
  3. Do consider the terrain, especially if your furry friends are coming too. Pavements and tarmac do heat up and can cause burns. Natural surface paths will be cooler places to enjoy a walk.
  4. The hottest times in the UK are between 11am and 3pm, so be careful during these times and know where the shade is when out walking. As always, know your route.

Of course, our walk leaders will only lead activities if it is safe to do so and will prepare to ensure we can exercise safely, but the above will allow you can enjoy the activities and walks even more.

If you think you’ve had too much sun and suffering from heat exhaustion.  Do get in a cool place as soon as possible.  Rehydrate with cold drinks and you may want to lay down and raise the legs.  Cool the skin and allow 30 minutes to recharge.

Signs to look out for are headaches, dizziness, feeling sick or loss of appetite.  Being very thirsty, high temperature and cramps are a sign you need to rehydrate.   You may even notice your breathing or pulse increase.  Listen to the body and be safe.

We would love to hear your tips of how you cope in the heat.  Please share and comment on our social media channels!

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