What to Wear While Walking

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A question we often get asked is “what do i wear when walking, hiking or Nordic Walking”.  The good news is, it’s very simple! There are just 3 items of clothing you need – nothing else (except underwear!)

Here’s a little video we’ve made to explain (but the secret is also below if you can’t watch the video).

Walking – What to Wear


The video explains all you need for walking is

  • a pair of light weight walking trousers (look for 4 way stretch for manoeuvrability) or leggings
  • a light weight synthetic walking top (short sleeved, long sleeved if it’s cold)
  • a windproof outer shell or jacket

And that’s it! Obviously you’ll need socks, underwear, and to carry a rain-proof layer – just don’t be tempted into wearing big coats, woolly jumpers, or other thick / warm items.  Once your body is up to exercising temperature only light protective layers are required.

If you really can’t bear the thought of the cold, then wear a gillet, light scarf, or similar items that can be taken off quickly and easily once you’re warm.

Lastly if the weather is warm and you want to wear shorts (or something that leaves bare skin) – then pick your route carefully.  There’s nothing worse than hiking miles only to find you’re final stages of the route buried in nettles – and your legs are bare!!



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