WALX Coast and Country Lockdown TIER 4 Fitness Challenge

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The CMO recommends we need to complete 150 minutes of moderate intensity activity as a minimum to be healthy.


You get better results if you can do a mixture of moderate and vigorous if you are already fit.


Moderate intensity means – You are slightly out of breath but can hold a conversation and you are slightly sweaty


Vigorous Intensity means – You are out of breath, its difficult to hold a sentence and you are hot and sweaty.


WALX COAST and COUNTRY 4 week Challenge


In the last lockdown many we challenged you to 200 minutes per week of moderate activity. Many of you exceeded that with ease.


So, this time we have upped the ante and give you the choice of 200 OR 400 MINUTES PER WEEK.


Each session must be a minimum of 10 minutes


The activity can be anything as long as it meets the intensity guidelines!!!!!!!!!!


The following BORG Scale can help you workout how hard you are working and to record intensity.


You can share your achievements on the WALX Coast and Country Lockdown Fitness Challenge Group on WhatsApp or share on the Coast and country Facebook Page



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