Making Positive Health changes in 2021

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Every year many of us set ourselves health and fitness goals. We make the most of the special membership offers presented by our local gyms. We are determined to stick to our New Year fitness resolutions.

The start of 2021 will look very different to previous years. In April, only 30% of us said we’d feel confident going back to our local gyms. After the latest lockdown restrictions, I guess that number will go down and many more people will feel nervous about going to the gym.

Many will be looking for a new solution to help achieve their goals. The good news is you do not need the gym to make a difference to your health and fitness.


Walks and Outdoor-Workouts

Working out outdoors has a much lower Covid-19 risk than indoors. Lots of people have taken up walking and have enjoyed the physical and mental gains associated with it. This will continue in 2021 as people enjoy mixing up their fitness routine with getting out in the fresh air and all the health benefits it brings.


Walking in groups is social and a lot safer than working out in a confined space.



Virtual Classes

Online training is here to stay, it is convenient and since the pandemic there is a huge variety of sessions to choose from. You do not need to be local to your favourite instructor as you can access sessions from all over. All you need is a laptop, tablet or even a smart phone.

WALX Coast and Country members before lockdown enjoyed their regular walks and workout sessions. When the restrictions came in and with time on their hands, they took advantage of the virtual classes offered throughout the week.

The results included weight loss, toning of muscles, increased flexibility and a reduction in aches and pains. What was really exciting was the number of members who reported a new confidence. They tried things they never thought they would do – and liked it!


WALX Coast and Country members have reported how much they are looking forward to continuing with the virtual classes as part of their New Year workout regime.

Mind/Body (Well-Being)

Covid 19 has made us realise how important our health is. Being healthy is more than physical health. Mental well-being has suffered for a lot of people. This may be due to job-related stress, home-schooling with children, financial and health fears connected to the pandemic. Anxiety and depression have reportedly increased as well as loneliness.


A healthy body includes a healthy mind. The need for Yoga, Pilates, stretch and relaxation classes as well as meditation sessions has intensified as more and more people have identified the importance of making well-being an element included in their training.


During the summer we introduced virtual and outdoor Yoga to our programme as well as guided meditation. For more information visit the website WALX Coast and Country


WALX Coast and Country have a variety of walks and workouts in the beautiful Sussex countryside and coastline.


The website lists all of the virtual and outdoor sessions available WALX Coast and Country


If you are serious about making a positive change to your life in 2021 now is the time to do it and I can help you.



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